Ply Reporter Prediction 2019: Poplar Prices to Witness 1000 Plus Mark

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The rise in poplar prices will create biggest turnaround in 2019 hence increasing the cost of poplar plywood and shift towards alternate plywood. There is already a rising trend witnessed during 2018 last 3 months which shall accelerate in 2019 by mid of the Year.

The falling percentage of over sized logs and rise in under and sokhta or below 22 inces girth is impacting the cost of manufacturing. With rise in timber demand and less availability of poplar in UP, Haryana and Punjab is predicted to maintain an upward trend in 2019. The switch from Poplar to Eucalyptus will be largely visible by May 2019 where Punjab will adopt more of Hybrid Safeda which has pinkish color and better density.

With erection of more than 100 core veneer peeling plants across UP and Punjab equipped with high speed spindle less peeling, demand for poplar timber will increase. Yamuna Nagar based plywood industry will be witnessing a massive downfall in timber arrival from states like Punjab and UP where core, plank and timber arrives from Rampur, Roorkee, Balachaur, Hoshiarpur, ropad etc. The shortage of poplar logs is expected to trouble plywood manufacturers all over by Oct 2019 or before which may lead to prices touching 1000 mark.

Note: * This Prediction was made on 31st December 2018

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