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  • Okoumé … the World’s Best Materials for Rotary Cut Veneers & Marine Plywood

    28/August/2017 Ply Reporter 

    Okoumé is recognised as one of the world’s best materials for rotary cut veneers and face veneers, peeled from Okoumé are in high demand in Europe, China and USA, and its demand is gradually picking up in India as well. Okoumé veneer provides a consistent colour, texture and good durability for outside use. With diminishing supply of Gurjan from Myanmar, Okoumé with sustainable supply is a perfect replacement for veneer and plywood. Plywood entirely made from Okoumé has following advantages:

    1. Okoumé Plywood is in most of the cases is used in exterior conditions because of its high resistance to impact of weather.

    2. Extremely versatile in terms of application. Okoumé plywood is particularly adapted to the most severe conditions when being used in the construction, boat building, vehicle building industries and as internal or external joinery fitting.

    3.The mechanical properties do not vary much in view of its own consistency in density profile and aspect. They remain very close to those of solid wood but offer more regularity and better stability.                                                                                                   

    4. Okoumé faces can easily receive all types of finishing systems. As a matter of consequence, Okoumé plywood constitutes an ideal substrate for painting or vanishing finishing systems.                                                                                      

    5. Okoumé Plywood with attractive faces is a popular choice for use in linings, furniture and joinery as it takes knocks well and can be finished with stain, polyurethane, oil or paint.                                                                                                 

    6. Okoumé has a high strength to weight ratio which is why it is the plywood of choice for racing boats and applications where weight is  important.  

    The Okoumé marine grade plywood is lightest in weight among all available marine plywood products. The Okoumé marine plywood can be used for hull and deck components, structural bulkheads and latches. Easy to work with for tooling, these are also light and strong and ideal for weight savings for light weight craft. Okoumé Marine plywood has been used for construction and boatbuilding for decades because it is weather and water proof. For the manufacturing of Okoumé plywood, the wood and veneers comes from Gabonese forests that are under sustainable management. This eco-responsible management, which consists of restricted wood harvesting, allows the forest to regenerate naturally. It also ensures the continuity of Okoumé plywood being available for building projects of tomorrow. Far from being an endangered wood species, the Okoumé is therefore an endless source of supply as long as sustainable management rules are applied. Okoumé plywood is a material of the future, coming from durable and renewable resources.



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