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  • The Best Things That AICA-SUNMICA Has Offered in Last 3 Years Are Innovation and Constant Up-Gradation of Product Range

    29/August/2017 Ply Reporter 

    Say Mr. Mahabir Gupta & his son Mr .Niraj Gupta of Sun N Ply, Kolkata

    Kolkata based dealer Sun N Ply entered into wood panel business in the last decade of 20th century. Since their valuable inception in 1993 they have been associated with Sunmica and with passes of time their bonding currently has become stronger than ever before. The brand Sunmica helps them a lot in their growth and prosperity because of being enormous spectrum of specification. The Ply Reporter presents their growth story with Sunmica which has been answered by the owner of Sun N Ply himself, Mr. Mahabir Gupta & his son Mr .Niraj Gupta. Excerpts.


     Q   When and how did you enter into this business?

     A   We entered into this business in 1993 after doing some initial research work for finding good prospects.

     Q   How far has been your journey with Sunmica brand?

     A   Fortunately, we’ve been in association with Sunmica right since inception of this business i.e. last 24 years.

     Q   How did you first come to know about this brand and how important do you feel brand Sunmica has been for your business growth?

     A   Of course way back in 1993 we heard about the brand by the word of mouth and the brand has helped us in growth in many ways. One of them is being its enormous spectrum of specifications.

     Q   What is the best thing do you like the most about Sunmica brand?

     A   One of the best things that I like about the brand is that though the product name is laminate but still a major chunk of the population refers to the same as Sunmica.

     Q   How do you find Sunmica brand after change of hands since 2011?

     A  After the change of hands since 2011 the brand has improved enormously in terms of management, availability of shades, support in terms of outstation deliveries, etc.

     Q   How important has been a long term association with a brand like Sunmica for the growth of dealers?

     A   A long term association with a premium brand like Sunmica has been quite important for the growth of dealers as in if the head of a family achieves success the same passes on to the family members as well.

     Q   With the changing modern marketing style to offer laminates to market with vibrant colours, textures, schemes, new launches with aggression. In this regard what is your perception about AICA?

     A   Aica has always gone hand in hand with the modern marketing gimmicks since there isn’t a single species or texture where Sunmica hasn’t got a presence, be it core laminates, or metallic foil, high gloss(UGM), etc. On the contrary, it has something which nobody has got like Bus body laminates, Shimmer. The brand doesn’t lag behind anywhere even in terms of providing schemes.

     Q   What are the best things with AICA for Kolkata market?

     A   The best things about AICA for Kolkata market is its marketing team and management support.

     Q   How do you feel the business with brand AICA after GST?

     A   There has been hardly any impact on our business relationship with the brand. The same has always grown by leaps and bounds.

     Q   What do you feel, is the best thing that has been offered by AICA in the last 3 years?

     A   The best thing that the brand has offered in last 3 years is innovations and constant up-gradation of product range. Also the marketing support from the company has been good.

     Q   According to you what is the advantage of Japanese technology for your customers?

     A   The Japanese technology has added more mileage and technical knowhow to the brand whereby it has infused more confidence about brand Sumica among our customers.

     Q   In your opinion, what new products should be added by the company in its product package in near future?

     A   Some more deep textures, self designed texture materials could be good for the retail market.



    He joined the organization on 3rd of June, 1987 and has completed 30 glorious years of service in the organization. He has not only contributed in the field of project marketing with leading architects on Pan India basis, he has also been actively involved in product development & range selection.

    He is also in-charge of Brand Management and sales promotional activities of the country. The company has been making steady progress in all fields with his vision. His Personal Interaction with Architects and other different segments of market has been very useful in developing contemporary range in tune with today’s trends.

    He has also developed vast international experience which gives him a unique niche in the industry.

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