Smart Customers Would Definitely Seek Innovation with MDF

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Innovation. That’s what the world needs. That’s what people thrive on.

However, in the world of interior designing, wood is fast disappearing considering deforestation and global warming. The furniture industry is impacted big-time by the scarcity of solid wood. Ever wondered which innovation can feed our customers’ desire for natural materials like wood in the given scenario?

The answer is moving to world-class wood solutions that are future-ready, think smart for smarter interior- and MDF.

Being versatile, adaptable, economical, and flexible in use, Medium Density Fibreboard allows users to innovate and experiment with its applications into their spaces, making it the ideal substitute for solid wood panels. These compact, dense boards can be routed, cut, and perforated in any direction to create innovative masterpieces for future spaces. MDF provides chipping-free edges and can easily be carved and moulded, especially crafted for specialized applications requiring unique shapes or intricate designs.

Usually, people think of MDF or particle boards for framing walls or covering up cabinets or ceilings/ floorings. However, MDF wood comes with diverse possibilities to reinvent different houses or offices or any other personal or professional spaces. From built-in furniture to unique storage spaces, attractive shelves, to crafting jaalidaar doors, windows, or wall arts, MDF lets homemakers, architects, interior designers bring their creative vision to life. Every time a new idea with a bit of help from the wood of the future.

One can turn an empty wall into a mini library, spruce up a part of the wall with in-built shelves to house a collection of books or create fixtures including racks and display cases for a thematic décor. Contrary to solid wood, engineered wood lacks any graininess, knots, or splinters on its surface, making it smooth and easy to sand or prime. MDF provides both strength and beauty; its ultra-smooth characters make it perfect for painting, polishing, and providing a high gloss. The smoothness also makes it the ideal substrate for laminates and veneers.

There could be a scarcity of natural wood, but the ideas to come up with a vast range of prelam décor without solid wood can never be. Be it ideas as big as false ceilings, modular kitchens, office equipment, TV cabinets, partitions, door panels, musical instruments, or crafting ideas for small installations like pelmets, skirtings, photo laminations, sculptures, artefacts or other decorative items- MDF is one smart solution for all your furniture and interior design needs. The innovation in this material has led to the emergence of fresh and innovative interior ideas, especially developed for Indian conditions, contributing to Made In India initiative.

Today, preference for eco-friendly MDF over solid wood/ply wood has conquered a vast share of the market. Century Prowud MDF comes packed with superior technical features which provide strength and durability even under harsh conditions. Each board is constructed with Scalper Technology, and quality checked at 128 individual points. This ensures uniform and high density, smoothness and routing grade quality, and resistance to adverse environment and pests. The Indian Green Building Council accredits century products.

Unlike solid wood that can be vulnerable to heat, cold and humidity, and can be a victim of termites or other pests, Century Prowud MDF is borer, termite, stain, heat and water resistant. MDF is a moisture resistant, designed for use in humid conditions, works well in interior applications where moisture is a concern such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, window and skirting boards and other architectural mouldings

Made with special ingredients for toughness, it is uniform and with higher density. MDF has economic value to common people as its prices are optimum and within everyone’s reach to purchase.

Varied textures and patterns help the customers to express their creativity freely. Century Prowud MDF enables interiors, which can be aesthetically tailored to individual choice.

*Disclaimer: Pictures shown are only indicative & representational in nature. Article issued in public interest by Century Prowud.

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