ACP Segment to Get Boost with FR Grade Demand

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Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is one of the growing product categories with steady positive demand thanks to variety of application and new type of requirements. Starting from general uses in façade application, ACP applications reached to interior applications. Bus bodies and Industrial applications gave it further support that helped the ACP companies. Slowly Aluminium Composite applications moved to Partition panels which has huge market share in present scenario thus taking total number of ACP producing companies beyond 45. Now with signage industry on the roll, aluminum composite panels are the first choice in shop fascia, signages, hoardings and various light weight mock up structures and small shops. The new need is emerging from mandatory fire safety material requirements being specified for new vertical structures and public buildings.

FR grade ACP sheets are produced from new technology equipped manufacturing ACP lines that are now being installed by Indian ACP manufacturers. The FR grade ACP material is said to offer 2 hours delay in spreading fire that offers an extra escape time that save people from deaths. The FR grade ACP does not produce toxic gases that cause choking and death. It is widely known that 80% of deaths in a fire accident is caused by smoke after fire. The FR grade ACP is the next emerging need in Indian market, because new regulation’s regarding housing and building construction having strict norms for fire safety materials uses.

The FR grade ACP helps in stopping rapid spreading of flames towards the upper floors of the building for two hours says an ACP industry expert. According to Aludecor brief, with FR grade ACP material, it will not melt into flaming droplets and instead turn into innocuous dust particles and will not come off the façade when the building is doused with water through fire hose. The brand ‘Aludecor’ recently introduced 3 mm FR ACP to fulfil the emerging requirements in the country with the logic that ‘3 mm ACPs has 80.0 % market share and going for fire rated 3 mm ACPs, Aludecor will be able to provide fire-safety to a huge section of the society”. Aludecor 3mm FR ACP is certified for reaction to fire as per BS 476 Class O with 2 hours fire resistance.

Fire-retardant (FR) materials have become an important ingredient in modern construction. With more and more sky scrapers towering towards the skies in bustling cities, fire safe materials are opening new avenues for Aluminium composite panel segment. In coming months, few more companies are reportedly bringing Fire Retardant grade ACP manufacturing line that will propel the next phase of growth to ACP segment.

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