Ply Reporter Current Issues

February 2019

Ply Reporter February 2019 issue has published a ‘Descriptive Reportage’ on ‘ARE DISTRIBUTORS LOOSING THEIR IMPORTANCE?’, a worth read story based on recent research of Ply Reporter and BSMR team on plywood industry and trade. The one 2 one interaction with Mr. Mohiyuddin Ashfaq, the Director of an emerging brand in south India -TROJAN PLYWOOD, is interesting read. A feature report on ‘Charm and Priority of installing Core Veneer Composer’ elaborates the present situation of plywood industry. Besides, there are lots of market reports, new product updates, technical feature, are published in this issue. The issue is followed by ‘THE PLY REPORTER’S DELHIWOOD SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT’; assure your presence and write to us at