Costly Dollar Push Imported Decorative Surface Cost Upward

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Strong Dollar against Rupee is directly affecting the prices of all kinds of imported decorative highlighters panels. The reports from western markets reveal that the importers are looking at an opportunity for increasing the price by an approximate 10 % higher cost, thus causing cascading effect on prices of these imported interior decor panels immediately. The importers are analyzing the affect of high dollar prices on materials like PVC sheets, WPC boards, Charcol panels, Wall paper, Floorings, and have already passed on around 7 to 8 percent of the price rise.

The evaluation of product cost post dollar increase is causing little reshuffle as few importers who have old stock of materials have not yet passed on the prices into market. A Mumbai based importer said to the Ply Reporter that ‘due to high competition in this line, profit margins are shrinking day by day, that is why many importers are working on very less margin. The stock holding importers have compelled others to pass this high but not at the level desired by the importers.

Indian Wood Panel Interior décor sector has significant market share of imported highlighters such as Charcoal Panels, PVC Mica, Alabaster Sheets, Leather sheets, Unicolor sheets, Wall Paper, Solid Surface panels, Wooden Flooring, Designers Laminates and along with other dozens of highlighters panel, which have been playing important role in mushrooming conversion of traditional plywood shops into well-decorated glittered showrooms. The trends of showrooms have helped the growing demand of these décor panels, resulting increasing number of importers for highlighters in India.

India has approximately 50 big and small trading houses, among them, a majority of section is based in Mumbai. Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore based importers etc are also involved in import business of different interior décor panels. According to the Ply reporter estimates, the business of highlighter categories is above 2000 crores annually although the data is not verified. With a price increase in highlighter panels, the advantage is tilting towards the decorative laminate category where lot of innovation in design and color is taking place.

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