MDF Almost Replaced 6mm Plywood Application

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Ply Reporters’ survey clearly finds that MDF istaking most share of plywood in 6 mm thickness with fast speed. It is found that the economical grade 6 mm plywood manufacturing is decreasing gradually because this market is almost captured by MDF segment. The producers of 6 mm plywood mainly located in Lucknow, Patna, Siliiguri, etc area confirm that they have almost stopped the production of 6 mm plywood because there is very little demand.

Although, report suggests that high quality 6 mm plywood demand still maintained its market, hence if a producer wants to sell 6 mm plywood, he has to manufacture good quality and approach the good quality buyers. Dealers opine that 6 mm plywood mainly applies for backer purpose of wardrobes/furniture, which is attached with the wall that is source of moisture and termite. Low quality 6 mm plywood is very sensitive to moisture and termite, which tends to damage wardrobes and furniture. Another dealer blames emergence of low quality 6 mm plywood market is the main reason of growing MDF usages in this category.

Similar situation happened in 4 mm thickness plywood also, which is now completely replaced by other panels due to low quality. The Survey also hints that slowly MDF is eyeing toward 9 mm plywood application, and gradually growing. HDHMR MDF range is another hope for MDF sector growth over plywood, and if the plywood producers don’t improve the quality of its 12 mm thickness, then trend sees acceptance of MDF is 12 mm as well after some time.

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