Chemisol Brings Range of Additives For Board Production and Paper Impregnation

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Chemisol, a 100% Italian chemical manufacturer and supplier worldwide has brought high performance HIPERADD range of additives with light and flexible structure for paper impregnation and board production. The new and innovative formulation of the additive major is active at very low concentration. It not only solves the dust issue completely, avoiding totally its formation directly during the drying session, but also guarantee smooth surface and keeps the foam of MF bath under control. The company’s authorised distributor in India is Fakirsons Papchem Pvt Ltd. The company is customer-oriented organisation which place customers’ satisfaction at the core of their decision.

The company’s additives for paper impregnation include anti-dust Agent HIPERADD DSA useful for CPL, HPL and LPL applications also gives smoothing effect. Gloss Enhancer HIPERADD XGL combines a perfect solubility and compatibility in the melamine resin with a final homogenous and high gloss surface. It is added only in the MF coating step and increases gloss level amazingly both at 60 degree and at 20 degree angle. HIPERADD H500 hardeners are latent and chlorine free which speed up and control the polymerization of amino resins. They reduce the pressing time needed for the curing of resins and guarantee a good pot life to the impregnation bath. Their antimicrobial agent HIPERCARE has been developed to reduce and control microorganisms’ growth. It has been designed to be added to the impregnation bathboth for decorative and overlay papers, to produce hygienic surfaces. It continues to be effective throughout the life of the laminate. Micro scratch resistance agent HIPERDURE 2.0 is designed to dramatically increase the micro scratch resistance of melamine surfaces. It is easy to use and like any other additive has just to be added into the liquid MF resin and doesn’t require any special device to be applied. Besides, the press plate cleaner HIPERADD CLEANER is an efficient cleaning agent able to remove resin build up from a metal press plates. It does not interact with metal and dissolves resin spots and halos when directly applied on cold plates.

And additives for Board Production include: internal release agent HIPERADD SP318C which is a perfect glue distribution in wood fibres and improves wet ability of fibres and chips. And there are several external release agents such as HIPERADD SP118; ER6, ER 10, and XTR which prevent resin build up on press plates & belts and minimise cleaning operations sprayed directly on the mat and transport belts, after water dilution. They produce smooth and blister free surfaces which consume less paint in case of lacquering, reduce sanding work and increase production speed. Besides, HIPERADD SL 30 is an efficient Paint ability Enhance to get perfect paintable surfaces for production of particle board and giber boards.

New Office Bearers at Kandla Timber Association (KTA)

The new committee of office bearers of Kandla Timber Association for the year 2018-20 formed on 10-10- 2018. The elected committee members include: Shri Navnit Gajjar as President; Shri Hemchandra Yadav -Vicen President, Shri Swaminath Dubey - Hon. Secretary; Shri Saurabh Agarwal - Jt. Secretary; Shri Shalesh Kamboj - Treasurer and Shri Parveen Bansal - Jt. Treasurer. Kandla Timber Association (KTA) had observed their 31st AGM on September 9, 2018 after that the election for 13 member executive committee for the year term 2018-20 was held on September 23, 2018.

Registered as non profit, non trading organisation The Kandla Timber Association (KTA) was established in the year 1987 to promote the development and growth of the Timber Industry in the port town of Kandla and its adjacent areas. Knadla Port enjoys the distinct advantage of being the biggest port. Kandla Timber Association and has been playing a pivotal role in the development of the trade since its inception.

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