Decoding Melamine Paper & Its Application for Doors Industry

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The past decade or so has seen a paradigm shift in the doors industry. It has seen a quiet revolution take root and change the way doors are manufactured in the country. Today, customization is the key and innovative designs the demand. The rising trend is of pre – hung doors and though they are an ideal solution, they come with their own set of challenges.

For manufacturers who offer finished doors and door frames and that too at an economical price to their customers, the greatest challenge is matching the door frames with the door surface. Usually they use HPL/ Laminate on the door surface and use paint or polish for the door frames. However, there is always a lacuna as paint or polish cannot match the finish of the HPL/ Laminate. Another solution the door manufacturer has is to use PVC but that too has its own constraints. It may match the door and door frame but compromises on the quality with its lower surface abrasion. In a country like India, the demand is for higher surface abrasion.

The perfect solution for the door manufacturer is the Flexible Melamine paper introduced in India by the Fusion Group. It has teamed up with CPI Tegus of Brazil to bring this revolutionary melamine paper that addresses all the issues – matching the doors frames with door surfaces, higher surface abrasion and economy. It has high abrasion surface and can pass 500 Cycle Abrasion Test as per DIN EN 438-2 CS17 Standards. This product comes as a boon for the door manufacturers as it offers to them matching door surfaces, frames, architraves as well as edges which are wrapped using wrapping machines.

For those who are discerning in their choice of designs, CPI Tegus has an exclusive laboratory to match the specific colour requirements of the client. They work towards making the product the closest possible match with the board so that the door has a harmonic and flawless finish, including a variety of textures similar to wood. Yet another advantage this product has is that it can be customized to suit the manufacturers’ requirement. It can be customized even for small quantities. So now, door manufacturers can be more adventurous in the aesthetics of the doors they offer to their clients. They can play with colours and textures and offer the entire perfectly matched door and door frames.

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