Face Veneer from Indonesia, China & Plb/Pq Helps Traders Gain Edge over Okoume

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The face veneer demand in India has been consistent at 1600 plus trucks every month on an average. The month of September-October proved to be good for the other supplying countries as Okoume containers are not able not reach to Indian ports. The Indian face veneer traders reported to have free run with the shipments arriving from China, Indonesia, Myanmar and peel-able timber availability in PLB, PQ, etc.

The traders are happy with the better availability of face veneer materials and decent lifting of face at many places. The rise in dollar, pre-booked advance paid amount to supply factories and shortage from Okoume producing country Gabon allowed a long profit booking that face veneer traders were waiting for.

At present India plywood trade is estimated to have an approximate presence of 300 traders which are operating in different manners. The availability of face in China and Indonesia has increased due to better availability of logs there. These two months has allowed the traders to book a decent profit of 12.0 % to 20.0 % depending upon grade and specie, expressed a major face veneer supplier on the condition of anonymity.

It is anticipated that next two months, there would be no major arrival of Okoume face veneer at Indian ports. The unavailability of vessels at Libreville port at Gabon, Africa has created almost no trading in India market. The gap has a long time period and ample scope to other species once again thus enabling face veneer traders to strengthen their grip on face veneer. Till writing this news there are vessels getting ready for India port with Okoume face container whose transit time is around 50 days. It is also expected that by Okoume face veneer will have 6 % to 8 % increased price once it arrives in January 2019.

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