Action Tesa Introduces 32mm HDHMR Board for Doors

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Action TESA has introduced 32MM HDHMR board which is available in sizes of 8’ x 4’, 7’ x 2.5’ (30”), 7’ x 2.75’ (33”), 7’ x 3’ (36”), 7’ x 3.25’ (39”). HDHMR known for its Unmatched Quality & Endless Application, after revolutionising Indian Furniture Industry by replacing plywood, it is now all set to revolutionize the Indian Door Industry.  With intent to offer best quality innovative doors, Action TESA’s new offering “32mm HDHMR” is the latest avatar for Door Industry. This novel application will add wings to Doors operation in both commercial and residential segment.

Inheriting the desirable properties viz. strength, durability & innovative application “32mm HDHMR” board is the best available substitute of Flush Doors & Traditional Doors Manufactured by using the finest and strongest wood fibres of eucalyptus hardwood.


 Real Wood Structure- Solid structure from inside
 Huge Surface Strength - Made from Eucalyptus hardwood
 Ensures Safety: - It is very difficult to punch a hole in HDHMR Door.
 Hassle free Lock installation
 Can be cut into any size, horizontally or vertically as per requirement.


 Unique Finish – Joint-less surface product gives a unique finish in product.
 Best Routing & Engraving Surface - It can be
 made to any design as per architect’s or customer’s choice.
 No waviness - Ideal surface to paste the laminate,
 Veneer, membrane…. with zero bubble.
 Highly Water Resistant – Can be used in highly moist climatic areas & places.


 Cost Savvy – Less Glue, High Production & Less Manpower
 Smooth Surface - Can be beautifully polished with
 various Colors matching with Door Frames.
 Value for Money – Can apply Duco Paint finish. No
 waviness & consumes less Paint

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