Floresta Showcases Real WPC at Events Held in Delhi and Nagpur

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Floresta WPC was present in the festival meeting event organized at Delhi and Nagpur (Maharashtra) by Mr. Shankar Sharma, one of the distributors of Floresta at both the places. Huge gathering beyond expected attended the function, Floresta WPC products were beautifully displayed which was appreciated by all the visitors.

Other activities like Magic show, Painting competition for children and fun games, singing and dancing show was also included in this meeting event. Mr. Shankar Sharma and his team explained in brief what is the actual WPC and PVC and the difference between Floresta WPC and PVC board available in the market, the additional advantageous of WPC and its features. He also explained in details why Floresta WPC is much needed at present time and why it is a substitute to plywood. All the people present in the program shown high interest. Practical work-shop session with Floresta WPC boards was also conducted in which nailing; screwing and sawing were done to find out its real strength.

Overall, the organizers appreciated for introducing this new generation product and giving them awareness about the Floresta Actual WPC to all unknown end-users. 

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