Stop Saying Women Can't

Greenply, in association with Archana Women’s Center - a Kerala-based organisation that works towards empowering women – conducts this experiment to spread awareness to support women empowerment and equality.

Women were called to an art gallery, where various things were displayed inside a closet. They were asked a simple question:

Which of the things they saw were created by women?

As each of the women examined the objects, all opinions gravitated towards the objects, like clothes, food etc. Not one participant thought to designate the art of furniture making to women.

The big shock then played out on a projection – a video showing the building of the wardrobe by an all-woman carpentry team, right from the first steps to the final product. Shortly after that, the women carpenters themselves arrived and were introduced to the participants.

With this creative TVC, Ply Reporter has just one appeal to all – stop saying, ‘women can’t’.

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