Block Boards


एनसीआर स्थित प्लाई-लैम इकाइयां एक हफ्ते तक बंद

सभी प्लाइवुड, ब्लॉक बोर्ड, फ्लश डोर, डेकोरेटिव लैमिनेट्स, डेकोरेटिव विनियर और अन्य उत्पाद जो प्रदूषण के प्रभाव के रूप में सूचीबद्ध हैं...

Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 3 Min Read

NCR Based Ply-Lam Units to Shut for a Week

All the plywood, block boards, flush doors, decorative laminates, decorative Veneers and other products that are listed as pollution causing manufacturing...

Monday, 19 November 2018, 5 Min Read

Chitwan Ply Celebrates A Decade Of Excellence!

Decoding the secret of a brand’s success over 10 years Increasing urbanization has contributed to growth in real-estate sector which in turn has led...

Monday, 23 July 2018, 5 Min Read

GST: A Disruptor or Growth Driver for Wood Panel Industry?

The highest rate of 28% GST slab on Plywood, Block boards, PB, MDF, Doors is announced. There are mix reactions but largely industry and trade is very very uncomfortable with high slab. ...

Friday, 07 July 2017, 3 Min Read