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The Ply Reporter doesn’t need any introduction in the wood & panel industry of India. Popularly known as the ‘Voice of the trade,’ The Ply Reporter had its modest beginning in the year 2000 to 2001 with the print version of the magazine. The brand and its working both have only grown and got better with age.

www.plyreporter.com is the new digital platform of this monthly bilingual techno-informative magazine—Ply Reporter. The digital platform of plyreporter.com aims to continue being the voice of the wood & panel trade and do more wide spread justice to its Hindi slogan – Jode Vyapaar, Bhadaye Karobaar!

Partners can use the new plyreporter.com to multiply their reach and strengthen their positioning. They can exploit the best combination of Print + Digital to drive best ROI. It also opens up the video segment for creating interesting stories and multimedia features.

Ply Reporter has an established repertoire for its valuable content in both English & Hindi among the Indian panel industry and traders for a long time. It specialises in the very essential market forecast and throwing light into relevant industry topics. Considered as the mirror of the industry, Ply Reporter recognises the emerging trend of digital platform to reach the modern readers and strengthen the conviction of its existing strong reader’s base.

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Print Magazine – The Ply Reporter

As Arthur Miller rightly pointed out, "A good trade magazine is like the industry talking to itself," Ply Reporter is the voice and mirror of the Indian Panel industry & trade. The two-decade-old, monthly, bilingual techno-informative magazine is known for its valuable content in English & Hindi, market forecast, and throwing light into topics which concern the industry people & trade, working 24x7 for the up-gradation of the industry.

"We started The Ply Reporter for helping the unorganized industry to move towards organized culture and systems. The people of this industry have made Ply Reporter what it is today by trusting & following its content. Today, Ply Reporter is an unbeatable platform for focused & targeted communication with & within this trade," says Pragath Dvivedi, Founder, The Ply Reporter.

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