Action Tesa Laminate Flooring Introduces Many New Trends to The Indian Market

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Action TESA Flooring is manufactured by Direct Pressure Laminated (DPL) flooring process where in the anti-abrasive aluminium oxide overlay along with the melamine impregnated decorative film is directly fused with the core substrate & the balancing film at the back. Action TESA is the 1st flooring manufacturer in India by forward integrating HDF from its own plant.

The flooring industry in India is going through an exciting transformation these days. New and innovative designs and products are the key. Clients and designers are now more prone towards experimenting with new things. Laminate flooring is the latest in – thing and in this segment, a whole slew of new and exciting products are being launched. “We are pleased to say that at Action TESA we are at the forefront of this revolution and have introduced many new trends to the Indian market,” says company.

Action TESA flooring products are tropicalized to suit the Indian weather conditions. A wax coating on the locking profiles make the exposed areas water resistant and thus suitable for Indian humidity. Aesthetics are of course, most important. The key is to synchronize the aesthetics of the flooring with quality and affordability. This has in fact, been the guiding aspect for Action TESA.

Company says that technology is constantly evolving and upgrading and we take care that we stay in tune with the latest technological advances. There have been technological advances in the Locking Profile also. They are also using advance technology tools to make their tong and groove system for longer life of the joints.

Action Tessa has an exciting portfolio of flooring products, especially for commercial spaces such as Herringbone Flooring, Handscraped Laminate Flooring, the King Size and the Synchronized Embossed Laminate Flooring series. Action TESA Beveled edges laminate flooring are nothing more than a little grooves between laminate flooring planks. TESA laminate flooring Beveled edges on laminate planks add a natural style reminiscent of hardwood floors to the flooring, giving it a more authentic wood look. All edge is slightly rounded to give a V-groove between each plank. Tesa Beveled edges flooring plank is constructed to display its own distinct look. One of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is that its surface is easy to maintain. TESA flooring is More Weight Bearing & Longer Lasting as well as Fade Resistant Laminate Flooring, Termite Resistant, Anti-moisture, Stain Resistant Laminate Flooring, Glue Free Installation, Suitable for Underfloor Heating and Edge Protection Laminate Flooring with affordable prices..

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