Calibrated Plywood Manufacturing Trend Boost ‘Core Veneer Composer’ Demand

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The growing demand of Calibrated plywood from furniture manufacturers and surfacing needs is leading to curiosity for installing 8x4 ft line in ply manufacturing process. The users are acknowledging the use of this plywood in furniture, beds, kitchen cabinetries, wardrobes, sofas thus helping demand for Core Veneer Composers machine among manufacturers. Those producers who are willing to produce high quality calibrated ply in India are importing Core Veneer composers, 8x4 Glue Spreader from China and Taiwan to reach to that quality level. Indian Plywood producers are querying for 8x4 ft automatic servo Core Veneer Composers and 8x4 ft fiber destruction machine (Tenderizer) for this purpose.

The Ply Reporter met more than two dozens plywood producers, who are either willing to convert their manufacturing process for making calibrated plywood or already setting up the Core Veneer Composers, Sanding machines, Glue Spreader etc. Two years before the plywood industry has been unable to deliver real ‘Calibrated Plywood’ that can be smoothly used by in furniture making category and pre-hung door making sector. According to an estimate, Indian Furniture industry will require around 1000 trucks of calibrated plywood every month. So far a number of plywood producers have created the proper set up to produce ‘Calibrated Plywood’.

According to an estimate, Indian Kitchen/Furniture Industry is ready and adoptive for real calibrated plywood. A survey among OEMs and Kitchen makers clearly hinted the possible opportunity for this product segment. Mr. Gaurav Chopal from CTC confirms that he is supplying Core Veneer Composers to 4 companies in Yamuna Nagar and many queries are in pipeline.

Calibrated plywood bears uniform thickness all across which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high-end machines. Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it ideal panel product for use by mechanized automated furniture manufacturers. Smooth surface facilitates an excellent easiness for post lamination and post forming for making furniture, inserts and modular items.

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