Decorative veneers are Forever if you have knowledge and passion !

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At present the Decorative Veneer market is of approx Rs. 3000 crore that include every category of veneers. The Decorative veneers  market rely on innovation, presentation, offering, group match, stocking capacity, passion of selling, retailers connect and the most importantly the knowledge about the products and species.

The luxury products were said to be the most affected post Demo. Many of the luxury items in building material witnessed a similar impact during February 17 to June 17 at least. But the assumptions were not much true for decorative veneer, its demand posted a consistency during the same period. Although, the margins of producers and retailers reportedly dropped due to weak sentiment of buyers but growing number of showrooms and display of decorative items in cities has been able to support the demand. If the decorative veneer category is not fast growing then it is not slowing down either. It is a fact that retailers are real driver of decorative veneers sales in India because their choice of offerings high end luxury products through attractive display and willing to deal with high net worth value customers and sophisticated designers are the primary buyers for this product.

The market is flooded with variety of decorative products such as laminates, wallpapers, paints, cement boards, fabric, PVC, metal, tiles and many artificial highlighters and it is interesting to visualize that entire decorative panel products try to copy-paste veneer look-like designs. Although only some of these items have got success in Indian market, because there is a variety of customers with different choices and budget but Veneers are natural, unique, awesome, exotic, aesthetic and unmatchable product which are regarded as the most valued and most favoured by retailers as well as architects and designers. At present the Decorative Veneer market is of approx Rs. 3000 crore that include every category of veneers. The Decorative veneers market rely on innovation, presentation, offering, group match, stocking capacity, passion of selling, retailers connect and the most importantly the knowledge about the products and species.

What Ply Reporter findings hint ‘The producers must educate the retailers about ways of handling customers’ and the more they help new retailers to learn the art of selling, the more growth will be seen for retailers/showroom owners and decorative veneer brands’. TPR survey among showrooms indicate, that many new showrooms keep veneer to showcase but they don’t have the skillset to present and sell, but many of the retailers are very smart and updated with the art of presenting veneers and such retailers dare to keep stocks and hence they have become the actual driver of decorative veneers in India. We all need to identify more of them and educate for further growth. In this October issue, we have a report on ‘why to sell decorative veneers’ which is a worth read for industry and Trade.

The issue also presents an interaction with the brain behind laminates brand Virgo, Mr. Surinder Arora. Mr Pravin Patel, MD of Airolam Limited views are important after listing of successful IPO of Airolam and that presents an example for other mid and small size companies. News on free license for wood panel manufacturing units and its effect on UP. The present market situation of wood, Ply, MDF, PB, HPL, PVC, are also reported, along with the coverage of Showroom in Delhi by ‘Bansal Interio’. With much more info and continuous efforts for more valued input, we wish you a prosperous Deepawali!

Rajiv Parashar
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