Duro Is on Top of My Mind, It Was the Largest Brand and Still Continuing with It.

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Sarda Plywood Industries, Makers of ‘Duro’ are celebrating their successful 60 years in wood panel industry. Sarda Plywood is known for long-term business association with their dealers. In this issue, The Ply Reporter presents interaction with Elite Dealers of Duro Mr. Sunil Goyal of Kwality Hardware Agencies, Dehradun & Mr. Kallol Das of ABC Plywood Centre, Guwahati.


-says Mr Sunil Goyal of Ms Kwality Hardware Agencies, Dehradun

Dehradun, Uttrakhand based Ms Kwality Hardware Agencies is a pioneer dealer of DURO in the region serving the industry and customers base of the region with the able support of SPIL for over 15 years and sincethem they have been associated with DURO. The Ply Reporter talked to Mr. Sunil Goyal on his brand legacy and their contribution towards any dealer’s growth in this area of operation. Here is a snapshot of the conversation. 

  Q       How long have you been associated with SPIL?

  A       My Journey with SARDA has been for more than 15-20 years and it’s been fabulous, I enjoyed being associated with them.                      

  Q      When and how did you come to know DURO? What is your experience with company during this period?

  A     When we came into plywood trade the only brands, I can say there were only two brands National and Duro and Duro was enjoying much higher level than the other in the
market that time and was holding very good reputation.

  Q      Which product of Duro is close to your heart and why?

  A     Durobord is close to our heart being it as the largest selling product in any kind of plywood requirement. Being a reputed brand Duro customers ask for board among other associated goods product so it is very close to my heart.

  Q      Sarda completed its 60 years what will be your message for DURO team?

  A      I want to congratulate them for completing 60 years. It is a big achievement for any brand or company I must congratulate the SARDA team including Jay Deep ji and Saurabh ji. We are in the safe hands as dealing with them from so many years. And above all they have sustained their quality. I wish them to continue the same in better manner because now-a-days there are so many companies which have entered into the trade and they should go on as marketing strategy has changed and even plywood has become commodity. So in my suggestion, I know the company is doing it, the message is to update and upgrade always.

  Q      How brand DURO is important for the growth of the dealer?

  A     DURO is on top of my mind. It was the largest brand and still continuing with it but there is a threat in the market I would suggest to do many exercises to prevent and further development.

  Q      What are your expectations from the company?

  A     My expectation from the company is now-a-days there is a tough competition, and with no doubt SARDA is the best. My only expectation is of marketing, in any manner it can be digital, it can be through networking or electronic medium. We are lacking somewhere in projects, lacking somewhere in architects where we need to improve.

  Q      Give a brief about yourself such as how and when you entered into this business?

  A      I want to be very honest with you. This is my passion. In any job or any profession one has to be true to it. I think I am very satisfied because collective efforts make results
and with grace of god we are there and we are continuing.

  Q      Your plans and opinion on present market scenario?

  A     Again I repeat plywood is not plywood it is commodity  now. Marketing plays very important role considering the others in the market. I would suggest DURO to see into it. Now it has become imperative.

  Q     Thanking note?

  A     At last I want to congratulate SARDA on sustaining in the market and continuously innovating on products front and sustain their quality according to the needs of the market.





-says Kallol Das of ABC Plywood Centre


Presently Guwahati based ABC Plywood Centre headed by Kallol Das was incepted by his father as plywood business in 1987 with a great effort efforts to establish that business. They made a great effort to establish the business and make it reach to the new height in the region despite Assam having a cutting edge competitive plywood market. Duro and its company Sarda Plywood also helped them grow exponentially. The Ply Reporter talked to Kallol Das on the concerned matter and found out that the company plays a significant role for the growth of any dealer.


  Q     For how long have you been associated with the company and its brand?                               

  A      We have been associated with Duro for almost 7 years.

  Q     When and how did you come to know about Duro? What is your experience with the company during this time period?

  A     Its almost 8 years back, we came to know about Duro brand through the contractors and sales executives as well. We were very much aware of the company Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd but we were not aware that the brand name was Duro. We have a good experience so far, the company have had a significant role towards our business growth. The company is very much supportive and always stood by us during difficult times. It’s a very dealer friendly company.

  Q     Duro’s which product is very close to your heart and why?

  A     Duro brand is very close to our heart. We are associated with this brand for 7 years. Contractors are also looking for Duro brand Boards. It has a good quality and affordable for the customers.

  Q     Sarda completes its successful 60 years, what is your message to team Duro?

  A      I congratulate them for achieving 60th Anniversary! The company should continue to maintain the quality of its products for which Duro is known.

  Q      How brand Duro is important for the growth of a Dealer?

  A      The brand Duro is known for the premium qualities which help us to attract the premium customer base. We are able to create a loyal customer base which helps in our organic growth. 

  Q     What is your expectation from the company?

  A      As already mentioned earlier, the company should not compromise with the quality and service. The company should bring newer and innovative products and it should be made available in the market. We also started focusing on other North East states which helped us grow tremendously. Our biggest strength is our relation with contractors/builders and we being located in the heart of the city which helps to cater to different areas in a short span of time.

  Q     What is your future plan and opinion about present market scenario?

  A      Our plan is to diversify product portfolio and keep newer wood based products as well together with other decorative products so as to make our shop among first choice of interior designer and customers. Due to the rise in disposable income, customers look for quality product with guarantee and services. Duro must take an advantage of this and acquire more customers.

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