‘The Brand Image of Sunmica Provided Us Lot of Good Reputation and Discerning Customers to Our Showroom’

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Varanasi based Balaji Enterprises has a glorious history of over 26 years in plywood and laminate business serving Eastern UP region with a huge customers base. They are long term associates of AICA Sunmica and have flourished with the company’s growth and spread their reach to larger part of the region.  The Ply Reporter brings you an interesting conversation with Mr Manoj Ganodia of Balaji Enterprises and their legacy with AICA Sunmica has played an important role in their success story. Excerpts.


 Q    When and how did you enter into this business?                 

 A    Our firm Balaji Enterprises was established in the year 1989. We started as a whole seller of plywood & laminates catering to the market in and around Varanasi and later the whole of Eastern UP.                                 

 Q    How far has been your journey with Sunmica brand?

 A    Our association dates back to the time when The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation limited was the parent company and our glorious association continues till date.

 Q    How did you first come to know about this brand and how important do you feel brand Sunmica has been for your business growth?

 A    Sunmica being one of the oldest and popular brand, was already known to most of the dealers. According to us the brand image of Sunmica provided us lot of good reputation and discerning customers to our showroom.

 Q    What is the best thing do you like the most about Sunmica brand?

 A    Sunmica is known for quality & durability and the best part it is the only company which has professional values & working system.

 Q   How do you find Sunmica brand after change of hands since 2011?

 A    It has become more professional & quality oriented after change of hands since 2011.

 Q    How important has been a long term association with a brand like Sunmica for the growth of dealers?

 A    The long term association with reputed brand like Sunmica is indeed very important for the growth of dealers as it brings many major & reputed customers and uplifts the credibility of the dealers too.

 Q   With the changing modern marketing style to offer laminates to market with vibrant colors, textures, schemes, new launches with aggression. In this regard what is your perception about AICA?

 A    Aica is true to its motto of challenge and creation always brings colour patterns with new concepts in tune to modern trends and contemporary designing.

 Q    What are the best things with AICA for Eastern UP market?

 A    The best things with Aica are apart from its wide range and good presentation, the company’s service backup for Eastern UP market is remarkable.


The long term association with reputed brand like Sunmica is indeed very important for the growth of dealers as it brings many major & reputed customers and uplifts the credibility of the dealers too. 


The best thing by AICA in the last 3 years has been its constant upgradation of product range. Also the fusion of Japanese flavours with its ethnic charms has impressed many of our discerning customers.


 Q    Eastern UP is known for huge consumption of 0.8 mm laminates, so how you cater these demands with AICA?

 A    At the moment we are dealing only in 1mm segment.

 Q    How do you see business with brand AICA after GST?

 A    After the implementation of GST, we foresee much more growth in our business comparatively.

 Q    What do you feel, is the best thing that has been offered by AICA in the last 3 years?

 A    The best thing by AICA in the last 3 years has been its constant upgradation of product range. Also the fusion of Japanese flavours with its ethnic charms has impressed many of our discerning customers.

 Q    According to you what is the advantage of Japanese technology for your customers?

 A    The biggest advantage of Japanese technology for our customers is, we don’t have to make much effort in convincing our customers, regarding quality parameters as Japan is known for quality.

 Q   In your opinion, what new products should be added by the company in its product package in near future?

 A    The company should introduce more niche/exclusive products in its palette ahead of other competitors.


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