50 Plus New Ply Units in North, Machinery Suppliers over Booked

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Plywood machinery manufacturers and suppliers are reportedly very much occupied due to sudden jump in orders for Hot Press, Driers, Boilers, Peeling machines, Sanding Machines, Glue spreaders etc. Reports from Machinery manufacturers reflect that they are booked for next 6 to 9 months and it is a task for them to take new orders although they are confirming the flow of new enquires also.

As per report, the most of orders are from Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh among more than 50 new plywood manufacturing establishments are going to commission, where as beyond 100 presses are installing in existing set up. There are anticipations that there could be an addition of 200 new plywood presses in Northern India if the enquires materialize into orders. Among these 120 presses are commissioning only in Yamuna Nagar district alone. These plywood units will commence their production by beginning of next year. After issuing new licenses in Haryana approx. 100 new plywood presses may be starting during next two month. Machinery sources confirm that they have lots of queries for new presses in Haryana states and negotiations are on.

Punjab is another emerging state for new plywood establishment. Report confirms that approx. 40 new presses are going to set up in different districts of Punjab where Hoshiarpur belt is emerging as hub for plywood manufacturing in state. Uttar Pradesh is next big hub for plywood manufacturing in north India, although they have constraint of new license for wood based units. But sources say that state government is considering issuing new licenses in the line of Haryana Government.

Contrary to that, UP is also adding the plywood capacity on the basis of old licenses they have. More than 35 new plywood presses are going to set up in different district of UP. Film faced Shuttering plywood is the hottest product for North India plywood producers now a days. Industry feels comfortable in producing Film faced plywood than commercial grade resulting there are confirmed orders of 40 new high-density presses for film faced production. Yamuna Nagar is reported to lead in new film faced plywood orders followed UP, where 10 new orders of high density plywood presses.


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