With Innovation and Technology, Hr Industries Is Successfully Spreading Its Network in Overseas

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HR is an undisputed leader in Indian Paper Impregnation machines segment, having 90 % market share EE Dryers & Turret Un-winder:

Savings resulting in the use of these energy efficient dryers & Turret Un-winder will make it pay for itself within the shortest period of time.

  •  Kraft Paper Impregnation  Line with Turret Un-winder
  • Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

Leveraging on their more than three decades of vast experience, HR Industries has been able to deliver a qualitative and quantitative range of Paper Impregnation machines to all its happy clients throughout the years. All its range of high-quality Paper Impregnation machinery and equipment is known for extraordinary features such as hassle-free operation, sturdy construction, and Energy efficient operation.

HR has earned the trust of its clients due to quality, prompt services and transparent dealings as they take their client's requirements most seriously. They cater to the needs of the Paper Impregnation sector and have accolades from the Laminate/ Pre-Lam and Shuttering Plywood Industry, which bears testimony of their product quality.

In the past year, the market trend has been to upgrade to “High-Speed Impregnation Lines”. HR is well known for their High-Speed lines in the Indian as well as International scene. Generally “High speed” is above “100 MPM” Phenolic line and above “30 MPM” Melamine line and all newly installed High-Speed lines in India are H R Lines, running at 110-135 MPM for Phenolic line and 32-42 MPM for Melamine line.

H R Industries’ “Turret Un-winder” and Gravure Coaters are the most sophisticated Turret and Gravure coaters in the Indian Market. For a High-Speed Impregnation Line to be really termed as High Speed is when the speed remains constant while paper splicing is done.

In their Masterpiece Series 1416 offerings, they have for the Indian market chosen a High-Speed Turret Unwinder, suitable to run and join papers at 150 MPM. The designed speed allows them to run comfortably the machine at 135 MPM with splicing also occurring at 135 MPM. No loss in splicing time allows in a saving of around 30000 sheets of Impregnated paper per month versus slow speed splicing machine.

HR has adopted European Standards and simplified Techniques in their machines suitable for this high speed at the same while performing delicate maneuvers. The responses from the Clients are endearing and the number of future orders are the testimony to the acceptance of High-Speed Impregnation Lines by the Indian Industry!

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