Calibrated Plywood Market Growing at Good Pace

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Calibrated Plywood demand is growing with increasing acceptance and awareness among users. The market inputs and demand sentiments suggest that users are asking for calibrated plywood because of growing uses of costly decorative surfaces or new coating that make the furniture very beautiful. The calibrated plywood is very useful when it comes to overlaying new polishes in machines or processing it with help of modern furniture making machine. At OEM making of kitchens, furniture, wardrobes, shutters etc are increasingly being preferred to be made with Calibrated plywood.

There are various trading houses, which are bringing calibrated plywood from China, Russia and some European countries to fulfill the requirements. Reports from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi and NCR etc say that market is witnessing the growing query of such plywood mainly from Kitchen makers, OEMs, Architects, Interior and Building Contractors.

It is evident that 1 out of every 10 plywood manufacturing facility, owners are restructuring the whole manufacturing process and installing machines to produce calibrated plywood panels. Many brands have already launched this product category. Few brands claim their Calibrated Plywood of below 0.2 percent thickness variation where market has been accepting material with a permissible variation of 0.5 mm. The Ply Reporter findings strongly recommend Indian plywood producers to opt for manufacturing calibrated plywood sighting greater use of machinery instead of manual processing in wood working.

Plywood manufacturers from Kolkata, Mangalore, Yamunanagar (Haryana), Punjab, Gujarat, Karnataka etc are upbeat with the changes they are bringing in their factories. Cold Press, calibration machines, thickness control equipments, core composer, require free flow of material movement in factories.

In modern formwork systems for shuttering purpose, the need of uniform thickness of shuttering ply is an essential part or the settings won’t be as smooth and easy as desired. Organised builders/contractors in South and West regions are asking for calibrated grade shuttering plywood because of its advantageous feature. Some contractors are importing such materials and they said that they require large quantities of shuttering ply for their future projects. There is a growing potential in Calibrated Plywood segment and can help to add value in business.


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