FINSA Launches Compacmel a Wood HDF Compact Laminated Board with Anti-Bacterial Properties

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FINSA has introduced a unique product for multifunctional uses in Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Pathological Labs, Schools & Colleges, Office & Residential furniture, including modular kitchens, and Gym Furniture– CompacMel Plus–A solution in wood, Specially designed for use in highly humid indoors as well
as sterile environments or for applications requiring high resistance to avoid bacterial contamination. This product is ideal for the patient room furniture, Cafeteria & School or College benches, desks, lockers, office furniture, residential furniture, and interiors.

CompacMel Plus is a compact high-density wood fiberboard with a density of more than 1000kg/m3 with excellent mechanical properties. Due to it’s high
density, this product is the ideal alternative also for high thickness partitions, which helps to reduce the dead weight and also in creating more space for utilization. Furthermore, CompacMel Plus provides a high strength decorative melamine protection and is available in various vibrant colors in soft texture in the thickness range of 8mm to 13mm.

The Advantages of This Innovative Board Include:

     1. High Quality at a Competitive Cost

     2. High moisture resistance (comfortably passes tests V313 and V100)

     3. Excellent mechanical properties (Bending strength, tensile strength, impact Resistance)

    4. Environmentally friendly Produced from 100% recyclable sustainable Wood, and is a PEFC and FSC certified product

     5. E1 Formaldehyde Classification: low formaldehyde contents

     6. Easily machined (cutting and drilling) and installation

     7. Low tool-wear

     8. The wide range of decors and Versatile designs

     9. High Stability

    10. Standard tools and hardware for panel processing

They offer at least 1 pallet per design per thickness as minimum order quantity.

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