AICA Unveils Stain and Chemical Resistance Laminates

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AICA Laminates India Pvt Ltd keeps introducing new product innovation which the company brings from its parent company AICA Japan. Recently, they have introduced two new products with technical innovation as high-quality surface solution that attains high degree of stain resistance and chemical exposes respectively which include: CELSUS and CHEMITEC.

CELSUS:  This product is made from a special material technology from Japan. Celsus is blended with innovation fine craftsmanship and patented Japanese technology to provide splendid attire to the surface. Celsus not only provides a look which is more vivid, bright, and vibrant, it also makes fingerprint inconspicuous and stain resistant with its unique lustre on its sheen.

CHEMITECT: AICA’s Chemitect laminate is designed to provide advanced protection against damaging chemicals in harsh environments. This product is best suited for horizontal surfaces such as counters, laboratory benches and table tops having exposure to chemicals. It is also ideal for vertical surfaces like cabinets, casework, fronts, wall splashback Panels etc. AICA Chemitect is the perfect choice for institutional usage like Medical Institutes, hospital, laboratories etc.             


Aludecor’s Cortina Series, the first 3D finish ACP series in India, now has a wider range. After a thorough market research, the company has recently introduced Cortina Magnum which has much wider stripes and is tailor-made for exterior use.

Industry requirement for a cladding material with a path-breaking design was long due. Hence, when Aludecor introduced Cortina in 2016, the industry was quick to lap it up. Industry experts have always held Cortina in very high regard ever since the day it was launched and felt it had a huge scope.

Cortina is perfect to liven up both interiors and exteriors. While its usage in the exteriors changes the overall getup of the building, lending a contemporary look to it, Cortina in the interiors adds a new dimension to the living spaces. Creative arrangement of highlight, mid-tones and shadow adds a new dimension of depth to the design, creating a brilliant 3D effect.

Cortina can also be made fire retardant.

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