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With growing Construction activities, demand for construction plywood is keeping pace unlike other interior materials. Despite of a sluggish pace in markets, new construction is actually keeping doors and Film Faced Shuttering Plywood factories running. According to field inputs Film Faced shuttering plywood producers are getting sufficient orders from most of the large states and metro cities. The demand is seen in all product categories including LVL, H beams, non-densified and densified plywood’s in 23 kg to 34 kg segment.

Last two months were a testing time for Producers as they witnessed very weak order flow reasoned due to high Pollution led curbs in Delih-NCR region. The construction activities were halted for significant portion of time during November-December month, which later started from January month onward. The construction works are resuming full-fledged, and thus helping to push the demand of Film Faced Plywood in Delhi-NCR region, and surrounding highway led work.

The metro rail transport work, railways and airport expansions, emerging new industries and near by cities all are witnessing surge in lad prices, led by speedy construction in these areas. The demand is very good in Gujrat, Telangana and AP, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, NCR region and Maharashtra. According to Ply reporter estimates the shuttering plywood industry is growing at 16% Yoy since past 5 years and is expected to maintain the growth.

Besides, the Govt has also increased the budget for PMWY of its mission to ‘housing for all’ will help affordable construction and it will help demand for economical grade Shuttering Plywood. Almost 33% increase in capital expenditure for infrastructure in Central Government Budget 23 will also boost the demand of Film faced plywood in the construction sector

Market also reports that Film Faced Plywood has been accepted in tier 3 and rural markets as well because traditional shuttering wood has become costly and it is less available. 23 kg commercial film faced plywood demand comes from this market, which has supported the Film faced plywood sector.

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