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Ristal Laminates launched the premium Ristal IQ range in Goa with film actress Bhagyashree in a glittering launching event organised in Goa on 20th April, 2023. The event was telecasted LIVE from Goa on Ply Reporter launch pad. Ristal Laminates is another milestone of success in the industry for Laksh Ply. Ristal is a synonym for trust and quality for the last 22 years. Now, in addition, they have a world-class manufacturing plant with cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing of all categories of laminates.

The programme started with a lamp lighting ceremony by Mr Ritesh Agarwal, MD, Ristal Laminates, and Ms Sweta Agarwal, Director, Ritesh Laminates. Mr Anurag Agrwal, Ms Ruchika Agarwal and Business Head, Mr Yogesh Garg. They launched this new folder. Mr Ritesh Agarwal thanked the present gathering and appreciated their presence, saying, "I am very happy for your cooperation and gracious presence. And also, we are really excited for this newly launched folder and believe that your cordial support will continue and you will all efforts to penetrate this new range into the market."

"For your satisfaction and to cater to the customers’ needs, we have taken the greatest care in the selection of designs and quality so that you and the end users do not need to look for other options available in the market. We worked on your suggestions and included them in the offering. To improve our supply, we have

implemented an inventory management system, and for continuous supply, we have increased our stocks. As before, I assure you that you will not have any complaints regarding product quality, supply, or aftersales service," he said further.

"Despite that, we are open to your suggestions, and we will definitely implement them. In this new version of Ristal IQ, the selections have been made very differently. The offerings in this folder will be a game changer in the market. The trade fraternity is suggested to present these new offerings in a different way to the customers and communicate about the actual quality, aesthetics, and beauty of the product. It will help you get a better margin," he added.

Mr Yogesh Garg, Business Head, Ristal Laminates, talked about the IQ Ristal catalogue: "It is an impressive collection that will attract one and all according to their IQ. We have put a lot of different things in it that are very much synchronised with today’s demand in the market but have been presented in a very different way that the market will definitely appreciate. To name a few, it has plain colours, innovative wooden designs, etc. with zero finish. The team at Ristal has really worked very hard on this folder; that’s why it turned out so live and attractive to the customers."

Bhagyashree, the film actress talking to the dealers and distributors and the viewers watching the programme live on the Ply Reporter Facebook page, said that Ristal Laminates, led by Ritesh Agarwal's vision, is so appreciative, which is the reason their IQ collection turned out so perfect and stunning. This is the reason I wanted to be a part of it. The Ristal Laminates family is amazing, focused, and hardworking, moving ahead with a vision to explore something new for their customers.

"The lots of designs actually attracted me towards it. We see lots of catalogues when we go to the market, but Ristal has a really great collection, right from marble finishes to matt finishes to gloss or opaque finishes and many more. Whatever people wish, they can select under one brand, which is Ristal. This is really fantastic. I am really amazed by Ritesh Agarwal's vision for the IQ range. It’s on par with the international brand. Some of the designs in it are really amazing. I liked its affordability as well as the range of products, which are premium-grade yet very cost-effective and affordable. In my opinion, if you go through Ristal IQ laminates, you need not see any others. Whenever I needed to get laminates installed for interiors, I would definitely prefer Ristal Laminates, she added.

Q&A with Mr Ritesh Agarwal, MD, Ristal Laminates

Q. How has the two-year journey so far in laminates been after a long 20-year experience in the plywood industry?

I got excellent support from our channel partners, dealers, and distributors, which is commendable, and it helped me boost our confidence to bring the entire range of laminates, right from liner to 0.8mm to premium grade, now under the Ristal brand. The biggest strength of our success is the dispatches (delivery and service) of material that helped us a lot. Having a vast network of channel partners, distributors, and dealers also helped us a lot to achieve our goal in a very short period of two years.

Q. Do getting a celebrity like Bhagya Shree's confidence and associating with the Ristal family really help?

Definitely, she is very happy to be associated with Ristal Laminates. She was so amazed to see our innovation in designs and the quality of the products that are really international, especially the IQ collection, which is a premium collection that she liked the most. Her association with us makes a good impact in the industry.

Q. Today's IQ folder has been launched. What is your opinion about that?

In terms of designs and textures, our offerings are excellent, as we used zero-finish plates for textures in our laminates. Several new collections are trending in the market, and we also included flutes in our collection. Besides, several innovative plain colours have been included. All the papers are imported and used in this premium collection of laminates.

Q. What is the meaning of the name of the folder IQ Collection"?

IQ means impressionable quality." It is a premium-quality collection of laminates. With this launch, we are expecting excellent results, and I hope that from the present gathering, almost all are interested in this collection and will definitely go for the Ristal Laminates IQ collection.

Q. What is your future plan for Ristal Laminates?

We are going to have another expansion that will be done by the end of the year. After that, our current capacity will double from 1 lakh to 60 thousand sheets to over 3 lakh to 20 thousand sheets.

Channel Partners’ Opinion

Mr Baluram, Kaveri Décor Products, Bangalore: It is commendable that they achieved success in such a short time. In the last two years, Ristal Laminates presentation and quality offerings in the market have been marvellous and beyond expectation. Their services are so fast that the material reaches the destination within a week with a guarantee. Ristal Laminates’ quality and thickness are perfect. Till date, we have not received any complaints from the customers.

Mr Gopal Agarwal, Neelkanth Sales Agency, Kolkata: I would like to say that before Ristal, we get families like Ristal and their love, faith, and goodwill in the market. I am happy with their commitment that we are ready to give you what you want. Today’s customers want value for money; that is a trend now, and Ristal offerings like 0.8mm, 0.7mm, and the newly launched premium collection are all value for money.

Mr Sanjay Duggal, Sanskar Décor, Mumbai: It is true that Mumbai is a market for non-folders, and its penetration is higher, but everything cannot be offered non-folders. Non-folder laminates are not sold by brands, but seeing the quality of Ristal Laminates, there is a guarantee and faith in the product. Besides, the quality of the service is excellent. One can have material delivered just three to four days after ordering. With this brand, we get quality and behaviour that are the best. They understand the needs of the market and move accordingly. After switching from non-folder to folder, we have made our presence felt in a wide area of Mumbai.

Mr Shalil Agrawal, Lakshmi Plywood & Laminates, Jammu: Jammu is a growing market, and the city is witnessing high activity in real estate investment and development because the region has been decelerated into a smart city. I think Ristal Laminates range is vast and wide, with high quality and an affordable price.

Mr Nihal Satish Jain, Rohini Décor, Pune: I would say the success of a product is measured and known by its owner’s behaviours, and I would say Ritesh Agarwal is a demon-honest person. What he will bring will be the best product. What he says he does

Mr Kapil Karaira, Dollat Ram & Sons, Agra: Folder is very good, and its collection matches the test of the market. It will definitely get a very good response.

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