Saanvi Enterprises: Revolutionizing Landscape of Plywood and Home Interiors Trade

person access_time3 07 July 2023

Saanvi Enterprises, led by Sumit Chanduka, has revolutionized the Plywood and Home Interiors trade in Rourkela, Odisha, since its inception in 2019. We recently caught up with Mr. Chanduka to learn about Saanvi Enterprises (named after his daughter) and how they are creating a wonderful buying experience for their customers.

Q. What excited you to enter into the plywood and home interiors trade in 2019?

The great Greek philosopher, Plato once said “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. In our case, Saanvi Enterprises is the ‘invention or the idea’, which was turned into reality to cater to the ‘necessity’ of the people of Rourkela with regard to branded plywood and home interior products. Previously, there was less to no awareness about branded products of this segment in Rourkela; most people relied on local brands and were not satisfied with the results, apparently.

Hence, we associated ourselves with some of the top Indian brands in home interior infrastructure and brought their products to the city to fulfill the requirement of many, who were looking for high-end, quality home interiors materials for their dream homes.

By the grace of god, today we have become a one-stop of solution for home interiors products for the people of Rourkela and nearby areas.

Q. In what different ways are you catering your customers?

We have a 2000 sq. ft.multi-brand display showroom, where plywood, laminates, veneers, highlighters, door handles, HPL cladding, solid surface, modular kitchen and many other products are on display. The idea behind developing this showroom was giving customers an opportunity to make an informed choice in selecting materials for their homes.The executives in our showroom assist all our customers during their material selection process by providing them technical details about each material.

Q. Besides display showroom, what new aspects have you brought into this trade?

Recently, we have also launched our website, which is first of its kind in the plywood trade in Odisha. The website is an extension of our services, where customers can find about our offerings and at the same time get access to catalogs of all top brands we are associated with. The website also features a section, where customers can get ideas about how to design different rooms of their homes; something that customers have really liked!
In addition to our website, we have also uploaded catalogs of products we deal in, on all our office WhatsApp Business Accounts, so that our customers can check our offerings by simply tapping a few buttons on their smartphones.

Q. How are you planning to further enhance your customers’ buying experience?

We are investing a lot in technology to enhance our customers’ buying experience. Some wonderful ideas are in the pipeline, and our strategy team is working hard to execute them in the near future.

Q. What are your future plans for Saanvi Enterprises?

We have slowly started extending our services to other parts of Odisha. Right now, we are catering Sambalpur, Birmitrapur, Rajgangpur and Bisra. Within the next year or so, we plan to add a few more places.

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