Particle Boards Industry Need To Get Isi Mark Now

person access_time3 02 December 2023

Indian Particle Board Industry has very short of time to get ISI Mark because the deadline for them is 10th  of February, 2024 as per BIS Quality Control Order. As per BIS data, approx. 80% of Particle Boards and Pre-lam Particle Boards producers have not taken ISI mark from BIS, which has become mandatory to sale the products in India, after 6 months of Quality Control Orders, which deadline is going to met on 10th February, 2024.

Mr. Amit Agarwal, Director, Gujarat Woodlam Products Pvt Ltd, backs the BIS QCO on Particle Boards and Pre-lam Particle Boards, and says that it is good step by the Government for the betterment of this Industry in India, and it will help to win the trust of this product quality, and its growth. The quality parameter should be mandatory and everyone should take BIS certification before the deadline.

Asking on deadline for Small and Micro based units for 9 to 12 months, Mr Amit Agarwal says that Particle Boards industry does not come under Small and Micro industries seeing the investment cost, it comes under Medium and Small Enterprises, hence they should follow the deadline of 6 month from the day of implementation.

BIS officials confirm that the issued BIS Quality Control Order is final, and for the benefit of consumers, the industry should come forward, and take certification fulfilling the quality parameters. It has become mandatory, hence it is not possible to sell Non- ISI grade materials in India. They opine that if industry wants for change in quality norms, they should approach us, and medication is possible, but till now, they have to follow the present BIS Quality Control Orders.

It is noted that India has approximately 90 Prelam Particle Boards producers, and hardly 18 companies have ISI certificate till 31st  October, 2023. There is approximately 3 months time for industry (except small and micro) to get a certificate, barring the further extension of dates by BIS.

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