Fusion Brings the Next Gen HDF Panel

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In the past decade or so, High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) has taken the wood industry by storm. It is an engineered wood product that is similar to medium density fiberboard. The difference is that HDF is denser, much stronger and harder because it is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed. Due to its flatness and excellent treatment possibilities HDF board can be cut, drilled, painted or processed in other ways. It is used in the doors, furniture, kitchen, flooring and other related industries.

As with every other product, HDF too has evolved over the years. The next generation of HDF is now here in India with Fusion Group. This special HDF has a surface density of 1000 Kg/M3. Though it has many applications, it is especially well suited for the doors industry. However what makes it especially different is that it is a special thin HDF that is 4 Hours Boiling Water Resistant ( BWR Grade). This HDF is made from tropical hard wood and is eminently suitable for high moisture areas. The Special applications for this HDF is door surfaces where a door manufacturer want to make very good door surface by replacing the veneer & core.

Many repudiated door manufacturers are also using HDF for the Architrave & mouldings. It is being used as a surface to wrap the veneers & Melamine paper foils too. It is also widely used in CNC carved doors & in membrane door Industry. CNC membrane door industry have the advantage to use this product since HDF surface is easily compatible with thin PVC foils whereas plywood core CNC carved surface needs thicker PVC to membrane . After routing HDF surface manual labour required to do sanding on routed surface also get reduced in compare to traditional way of doing CNC on plywood core surface.

Often when it comes to MDF, there are complaints regarding the finishing that one gets on its surface after the painting and polishing is done. However, that is not so with HDF. HDF is very easy to cut and make joints. It can be painted or polished easily to obtain any appearance you like. What makes it even more compelling is the fact that it is also available in sizes which is most suitable for the door Industry. So you can order sizes as per your need and avoid wastage.

The Fusion Group has very quickly made a mark in the wood industry for bringing to the country new technologies, processes and materials. And the next-gen HDF they offer is a proof of their commitment to the best. To know more write to - amit@fusiongroupindia.com

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