AMULYA WPC starts commercial production Mr. Bishal Jhawar, son of Mr Bijoy Jhawar of ‘Ply Samrat’, Delhi.

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Purbanchal Composite Panel (India) Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated its action on March 02, 2017 by performing Hindu Vedic rituals, chanting Sunderkand Path and performing Haven – by MD Shri Rakesh Agarwal and Smt. Mamta Agarwal. The ribbon cutting ceremony was done by Company’s MDs Shri Rakesh Agarwal, Shri Mukesh Agarwal and their mother Smt Santosh Devi Agarwal along with their elders Shri Sawarmal Ji Agarwal. The inaugural program was a small gathering of friends, relatives and employees of the company followed by gala lunch.

Purbanchal Composite Panel (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the new venture of Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd “Amulya Mica”. The manufacturing facility is situated adjoining to Amulya Mica’s plant at Bhimasar village, Anjar dist: Kutch (Gujarat). Amulya WPC plant is all set ready for manufacturing WPC/ PVC foam boards and 90° bending PVC laminates.

In organized sector, Amulya is the first company in  India to make in house PVC laminate with 90° bending  features. The Amulya WPC Range includes: Amulya WPC Lead Free Foam Boards, Amulya PVC Lead Free Foam Boards and Amulya PVC Laminates with 90 degree bending quality. WPC is 100% termite proof, water proof, recyclable, Eco-friendly and flame retardant product. It has holding capacity of High Screw & Nails. Itis especially helpful for those areas where we see large scale problem of termite and dampness. Amulya WPC/ PVC will be available in following size: Width from 2½ ft to maximum 6 ft: Length can be customized up to 20 ft and the thickness from 4 to 40 mm. The company claims that they can assure to provide best quality ever in the Indian market.

Amulya WPC USP’s

  • It is totally Lead Free product. Lead is very toxic, causing pollution in environment and badly harmful to young children. Lead is carcinogenic (cancer causing). Lead based boards are not safe to be used in kitchen or wardrobes. Exports demand Lead free products. So we decided to manufacture all Amulya WPC products LEAD free both for national as well as internationalmarket – first of its kind in India.
  •  Only Amulya WPC provides the boards in 3.5 feet / 4 feet and 6 feet width. Our 6 feet board will specially help the carpenters and OEM’s to attain zero wastage standards.
  • Amulya WPC has been formulated with optimum density which results in boards which are strong yet light weight.


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