Leading manufacturers of modular furniture are using Action TESA HDHMR range of products

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More and more leading manufacturers of modular furniture are now using Action TESA High Density High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR) range of products. They find TESA HDHMR boards to be ideal partner for their products ranges that include complete solutions for Modular Kitchens as well as Home & Office furniture. It is cost effective and durable product having a strong property of giving resistance to borer and termite.

Action TESA HDHMR is best suited to furniture. It is made with hard wood and so has higher density. As a result, it is stronger. “We use special glue that makes our product water resistant and well suited for Indian Climate. The Water Resistant Characteristics are strictly as per the ISI Standard. Another major advantage of Action TESA HDHMR is that it has a ready and smooth surface that absorbs less paint thus saving paint cost. Also, it is easy to work with making it the perfect cost effective panelling solution,” said company.

The Action TESA HDHMR advantage does not just improve the quality of products but also makes them value for money. “HDHMR boards are replacing plywood specially in humid and coastal areas. So explore the Action TESA HDHMR advantage and create your own super brand,” he added

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