With Strong Marketing Strategy Regency Will Succeed In Veneer

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Says Mr Salman Merchant, Proprietor, Hafiz Brothers, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hafiz Brother is a well known name in wood panel industry in Mumbai with the tag line “Hafiz spells magic in interiors”. They are involved in trading timbers, doors, veneers, decorative laminates and plywood merchandising in Mumbai and nearby regions and shipping companies. The Ply Reporter talked to Mr Salman Merchant, Proprietor, Hafiz Brothers, Mumbai on Regency ventured into veneers and their plywood along with the growth prospect of the market and importance of Regency.

Q. How did you get in touch with Regency?

A. We are associated with Regency products since last 20 years. We sales Regency products thinking it as own not of others. The advantage with them is their quality which is improving day by day. Our customers are very trustworthy to us and our words play an important role in our sales. The customers ask plywood not by brand but we know that if we give them Regency, they will not move to other as the quality of Regency is so perfect as it does not leave any scope for complain at any point of time on application.

Q. How is the brand supported in your growth?

A. We know that the company will improve their quality as their efforts are commendable in making a brand with confidence to offer good quality at reasonable price. We are long involved with them and leading the market in Mumbai with name, fame and trust among customers. So we are complimentary of each others in terms of growth. In case there is any issue with pressing they immediately replace it and we do not get any complain issue with their products.

Q.What is your opinion on their newly launched veneer range in the market?

A. We are witnessing the marketing strength and customers’ awareness initiative for this product from the company. It will reflect after the product will reach to the market and real customers will have application and decide at pricing point. The product has just received by us and in the process of display. Its quality is very good. It is also in my knowledge that they are importing 0.6mm face from Europe and giving the base totally with Gurjan, so with their strong marketing strategy they will definitely get success in this segment also.

Q. Do you see the brand name of Regency will support the sales of veneer also?

A. Yes, definitely those who are purchasing Regency Plywood will get attracted towards their veneers offerings also. The company’s motto is customers’ satisfaction which will prove true in this context as well. We have confidence with Regency offerings that if there is any issue with their products we are ready to get back with thanks. Also we can get back the reaming piece of ply or any other product after application. This attitude builds trust with our customers.

Q. How is the demand of plywood and veneer in the region?

A.India is always coming up. At present there is lack of money with customers hand because of economic reforms going on and coming election in the country but the demand will definitely improve. The future of India and wood panel trade in India is bright.

Q. What suggestions would you like to give for Regency products?

A. If I can use Regency at my home then I will definitely recommend it for our customers also. It is not for our customers for residential or commercial areas but for the shipping companies also. Their products are also with 100% PF formulation and we are not getting any complain from them.

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