Eurobond Had Installed First of Its Kind Conical Extruder ACP Machine in India

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EUROBOND – a flagship brand of Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd is not only increasing its capacity but multiplying its scale of operations and manufacturing capacity.

The company has recently installed first of its kind Conical Extruder ACP Machine in India. This is a first of its kind in the country. It will work on direct compositing of raw materials which ensures excellent flatness and durability. Conical Extruders coupled with direct compositing and other automated processes will ensure a daily production of 5000 sq. metres. Thus the company will be now able to produce and deliver 10000 sq. metres of ACP every day.

EUROBOND holds strong in the south and west markets and that is where the focus had been till now. However, the company will be expanding its operations to the North and North East of India by the third quarter of this year. It is already under process to finalize its sales force and distributors in the untapped areas. The company has also appointed a very reputed ad agency for effective branding and promotions on various platforms across the country. Over the years, EUROBOND has been now established as a trusted brand across the country. They strive to meet the highest of quality standards matching the international norms. Company feels proud in saying that Eurobond provides exactly the same thickness of ACP and Aluminium Coil as mentioned, which is highly unusual in the market. They only provide Aluminium of Alloy 3003 instead of standard Alloy 1100 ensuring more strength, flexibility and bonding. This coupled with wide distribution network will empower them for speedy service across the country.

In two months from now, they will be launching 2 new ranges in varied colors which will empower the architects and fabricators to implement the creative designs they plan of.

The company also produces FR ACP. Eurobond FR ACP is composed of fire resistant mineral core sandwiched between two aluminium skins of engineered alloys such as 3003/5005. The core is composed of special mineral core composed of Aluminium Tri hydroxide and Magnesium oxide. EUROBOND Class BFR ACP is complied with international standards certified by Exova Warringtonfire, ARAI, IIT etc.

Eurobond has a wide network of over 45 distributors and over 1500 dealers and fabricators. Their distributors are present in all the southern and western states. Presently having depots in Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Ahmedabad and Nagpur, they are planning to have depots in Hyderabad, Delhi, UP and Africa by September end. Having sales force of over 80 highly experienced sales force in different states, the company targets for the new Financial Year is of INR 160 crores/ 25,00,000 sq. metres.

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