UNIQOLABEL Presents Anti Counterfeiting Solution For Plywood Brands

person access_time4 12 April 2018

As per the latest study by Consumer Forum of India, Plywood & Allied Products Industry has the highest cases of Duplication & Counterfeiting of Popular Brands. 1 out of every 5 plywood sheet sold in India is a Duplicate.

Plywood industry is most prone & Vulnerable to duplication simply because other industries have the option of using Packaging Materials as a tool to deter the counterfeits unlike Plywood Sheets which are sold without any Packaging. The only branding on the sheets happen in the form of Single Colour Screen or Block Printing, Basic & Simple Paper Labels, Inkjet Printing etc which is very easy to copy & imitate for the sophisticated Counterfeiters.

Infact inferior & Fake Plywood sheets are illicitly stamped with popular brand names and passed off as Genuine ones to the gullible Consumers as the customers have absolutely no means to check the authenticity of the Products they purchase. Shockingly even the biggest brands in the industry have not done anything noteworthy about this malaise.

Not anymore. UNIQOLABEL, a Bangalore based Technology Company has launched its revolutionary & cutting edge Anti Counterfeiting Solution... Uniqolabel. Uniqolabel is basically an Authenticity Verification Solution consisting of 2 Parts. A Tamper Evident High Security Hologram embedded with a Unique, Non Cloneable & Non Predictable QR Code which can be scanned and authenticated using Uniqolabel Mobile App.

All that the Reputed Plywood companies have to do is paste these self adhesive Uniqolabels on their products before dispatch and the Buyers can very easily check in a few seconds whether the products they are buying are Genuine or not by simply scanning the Labels using the Uniqolabel App. The App is available free to download on both the Android & IOS platforms and works with all varieties of smartphones, be it the cheap Chinese phones or the top end iPhones. If a fake product is detected the buyer gets to know immediately and the brand is also instantly prompted so they can take necessary steps against the trader selling the fake products. Uniqolabel also offers its clients the option of creating customised Apps in their own Brand Names or integrating the Uniqolabel authentication features in to their existing Product Apps.

Additional features like Dynamic Product Showcase, Geo Location Mapping, Consumer Loyalty, Customer Engagement & Cash Rewards through Paytm makes Uniqolabel an indispensable Solution for any good Brand. Uniqolabel has successfully implemented this technology for Kitply, one of the Premier Plywood Brands in India. With the help of this solution Kitply was able to trace the counterfeit & illicit traders & successfully penalised them for carrying out counterfeit activity. With the help of this unique  Anticounterfeit solution Kitply was able to raid and put behind Bars a very big Counterfeiter in Cochin last month. While the other brands had no ready answers Kitply was able to differentiate the fake products in front of the Police instantly using Uniqolabels.

National Plywood, Fineply, Dunaply , Nocte Ply are some of the other Brands in Plywood industry using Uniqolabel Solution with great success. Uniqolabel is in discussions with all the major players in this sector and the Vision of Uniqolabel is to root out Duplication completely from the Industry.

For more details please visit www.uniqolabel.com or contact the sales team of Uniqolabel on sales@ uniqolabel.com or 8971075888/9845126120”

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