Bhutan tuff opens up company showroom at Kriti Nagar, New Delhi

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Bhutan Tuff has come up with an exclusive company showroom at Kriti Nagar in NEW DELHI having a vast range of quality veneer on display. The showroom has been opened with a grand opening ceremony  organised on October 15, 2018 in which was attended by a number of industry conglomerates, distributors and media personalities.

This is an exclusive showroom having space area of nearly 2000 sq ft in which the upper part is a display are of 1000 sq ft and in the basement there is a storage area of the same space. The showroom has display of natural veneers, reckon veneers, teak veneers, etc. Talking on the objective of the opening a company showroom in city like Delhi, Mr Manish Kedia, Director, Bhutan Tuff said that the objective of the show is to cater dealers of entire Delhi region and the necessity for this showroom is to maintain stock in Delhi as well as to have ease for customers.

Bhutan tuff unveils a new chapter in Brand excellence-opens up company showroom at Kriti Nagar, New Delhi It is evident that a number of companies have their stock points in Delhi, but with the lack of adequate space and display Bhutan Tuff was lacking behind in terms of sales despite manufacturing good quality products and selling in many places. So, they thought to have their own showroom which is a company operated showroom. “We will be offering maximum discount at this showroom due to passing out every middle men between the company and dealers or consumers. The dealers will have advantage of this,” said Mr P H Roa, Country Head saying, “The rage of product we will have at this showroom would be exclusive and out of any distributors’ capacity. We are hoping and have believed that we will be successful in this initiative.”

“This is our first showroom in Delhi, as till date we were operating through the network of distributors across the country. With this showroom we strengthen our presence in the market and have motivation to move into another state with company’s showroom. If the company has its own showroom, gain advantage in every aspect, the only limitation is the investment which increases the capital investment of the company. But, the returns are unimaginable and good.” Mr Kedia added.

The company outlet will also have maximum range, say, in only natural veneers there are 250 designs. If we see dyed, smoke, metallic, and then every product have its own vast range, so it is very impractical to maintain this vast stock at distributors’ end. “If there is a company stock point, then they will not think twice feeding at their own place of stock point of display and the customers and dealers will have good products range as well as quality at reasonable price,” he revealed further.

The company is moving on to the idea to have their own showroom in at least in Metro cities in first phase, and the vision is to focus on Natural veneer at present. Till date they were doing well in plywood and have established in brand ‘BHUTAN TUFF’. When asked about the sales he said, “It is hard to quantify about footfall, and it will be decided with the passes of time. But, I can say that our budget is there and our next steps will be to invite architects and convince them. So we can say that thefootfall will good.

When asked about a company owned showroom what would be the benefit to veneer segment? He said, “The the trend in veneer as of now is that 50% of basic veneers’ (20 to 25 items) are good in demand mostly in projects. And the rest are smoke, metallic are also in good pace in out of Delhi NCR region like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. If we have good display in showroom and we make effort in this regard then we can definitely obtain a considerable growth in this segment as well.” The company model showroom in Delhi is time immemorial! But in other states like Punjab and UP there is traditional distributor model prevailing, that is why the company believes that inMetro city like Delhi they can have growth with companyowned showroom.

Talking about the growth in veneer market Mr Kedia said that there is no substantial growth as the laminate segment has hampered the veneer segment at larger scale. But, an effort can change the scenario by educating customers and many of the companies are doing well. Today Natural Teak veneer is on trend. There are a number of varieties in this which was lacking earlier. The veneer items with knot were being rejected and today the same item are in trend. People ask for them and ready to pay more for that, in this way this industry is witnessing a change, especially in natural veneer. Now there is exotic veneer, rustic veneer, etc, are selling good. We feel good as people prefer it.

Veneer segment is witnessing innovation in products and a number of innovative products are available in the market, also the selling model has changed. It is now becoming showroom driven product as with vast range this is the only suitable way by which one can express best in this sector. So, the company will be targeting residential architects as to them our high end veneers can get good sales.

The company Bhutan Tuff was focusing on veneer earlier also and these days to have better presence in the market, they are taking innovative approach to interact with customers with full sheet display before them. With this new initiative they are moving ahead with the observation that they can do better in this market and this showroom will do good.

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