PANAASH Laminate Launches Their 1MM Folder in New Delhi

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PANAASH LAMINATE a brand from Vibrant Laminates Pvt Ltd (VL) introduced their 1mm decorative laminates folder at Vision 2018, a glittering event organised on October 28, 2018 at Hotel Le Maredian in New Delhi in association with their NCR distributors Queen Decor Pvt Ltd, Vaishnavi Metals and Vaishnavi Sales. The event was inaugurated with lamp lighting ceremony by the company’s directors Mr. Somil Matanhelia, Mr. Shobhit Matanhelia, Mr Gyanendra Bansal, Owner of Queen Decor Pvt Ltd and Sandeep Tekriwal, Owner of Vaishnavi Sales and Vaishnavi Metals. On the occasion nearly 225 dealers from Delhi NCR region were present. All of them were very happy being a part of launching of PANAASH new folder in Delhi NCR. The distributors Mr Gyanendra Bansal and Sandeep Tekriwal appreciated the companies’ initiative to move ahead with 1mm as well along with their existing brand Aura mica in 0.8mm. They said that the company has put their larger efforts and emotions to obtain such world class designs and quality in 1mm. The designs are exclusive and very much suitable to the tests of the people living in this region.

Addressing the present gathering Mr Somil Matanhelia said, “VL belongs to that group of fertilizer company Asian Fertilisers Ltd which is the only fertilizer company in eastern UP. In 1990 it became public limited company and this is also the only public limited company in Eastern UP. We came to laminate business two years before with the suggestion of some industry well wishers as we were determined for expansion of the group. After PANAASH LAMINATE Launches Their 1MM Folder in New Delhi establishing the manufacturing facility we came to know that there is already a number of competitors for this new venture so we decided to do something different to make a distinction among them as everyone is giving quality and service and pricing is good at all the manufacturers. So, with the desire to do something different we decided to focus on different designs and since last year we are indulged in it very deeply which is well reflected in the new catalogue of PANAASH. For searching of such innovative designs we visited a number of countries including China and Europe and found out something innovative which is entirely different from the products available in the market that is why these are being much liked by people and made an impact among them in a short span of time.”

And Mr Sobhit Matanhelia welcoming the august gathering said, “About this new folder of PANAASH people said that the company must have brought papers from Japan and Europe which is hundred percent true. Besides, for the gloss laminates in it we are using HD plates which have been launched in India very recently. All-together the designs and textures have been selected keeping the customers, dealers and distributors’ test in mind. Our motive is to serve the customers with good designs and quality with excellent service. In these laminates we have not used even a single paper from China or India. We hope that our efforts in this offering will pay you at every stage from sales to applications and serve you in a better way with total satisfaction.” He also requested the dealers/distributors to promote this folder with the same efforts and feelings along with their commercial approach by which the folder has been built by the company to this level. He also appreciated the distributors for their excellence and said that they are associated with such company which not only see the commercial aspect of business but also value the emotions of people very much and associate with them on that ground.

VL has its manufacturing facility near Lucknow spread in over 5 acres of land which commenced commercial production in March 2017 and achieved 100% capacity utilisation in just six months. The facility is having world class best quality machinery from HR, Jekson and SANDA. The newly launched folder consists of 256 designs/textures with HD gloss wood grains, glitter/flicker/core colours/ HD colours solid colours, suede finish, wood grains, etc. With this new collection, they are all set to expand their existing network. Vibrant family today has become synonymous with innovation and modern technology and developed a comprehensive and versatile gamut of products, each having distinctive galleries.

PANAASH has redefined the concept of artistry for good. While the world has confined the boundaries of laminates, it is all out to explore what these excellent pieces can do. Laminates are fondly known as surface decor elements and, PANAASH has added life to the same with its striking concepts and awe-inspiring patterns. Its folder is a book of design virtues wherein they have broken stereotypes and have as well addressed the classics. Right from the impressions of nature to the expressions of art, it has it all. The dealers and distributors appreciated the range and folder of PANAASH laminates and assured the company about good market response. During the event, the company launched very attractive schemes for distributors and dealers with the name of “WINTER BONANJA” and they also received good quantity on spot booking. The meeting was followed by entertainment program, cocktail and dinner.

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