Okoume Face Veneer Supply To Improve By February 2019

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Okoume Face Veneer is now a widely accepted in India but since the transition from Gurjan to Okoume began taking place, the prices of Okoume kept rising. Logistic is a big issue at Gabon libervile port and it has been a continuous challenge for regular flow of shipments to India. According to report during last few weeks, adequate quantity of Okoume Face Veneer Vessels are on way to Indian shores. The containers are expected to start arriving from mid January and continue to arrive till February March.

Face veneer producing companies confirmed the dispatches and it is expected that 400 to 500 containers will arrive during next 2-3 months. Producers had plenty of pending orders from India but logistic issues and dredging work and non-availability of vessels kept them waiting from last 4 months.

Market in India readily accepted Okoume face veneer after the die and dip formulation was developed and proven by Green Ply Industries. The campaign run by The Ply Reporter by organising seminars on providing substitute of Gurjan face was immensely successful to create Okoume market that saved lot of Indian forex. But logistic led supply paused the momentum. The prices of Okoume face rose in tune to approx USD 100 per cubic meter that is expected to come little down once containers will begin landing in market. The supply of PQ, Solomon and Face veneer from China, Indonesia, Myanmar are reportedly smooth thus markets remained stable.

Experts feel that acceptance of Okoume Face Veneer is not an issue and there will be availability of 500 to 600 containers per month thus improving supply of Okoume may lead to softening of prices by 7 to 10 percent by February.

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