Nipponply Offers Range of Products with Their Core Idea of ‘Value for Money

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The beginning

Nipponply began its journey in 1994 under the banner of Nippon. In Japanese “Nippon” means the rising sun –the source of life, power & strength likewise they are committed to provide quality products which gives power, strength & life to make furniture long lasting. The company believes that with grace of god, blessings of elders & support from trade since inception they are growing manifold, year on year.

The brand idea

The brand NippONpLY was launched in the year 2012 with the commitment to offer best quality product and services at reasonable price. NIPPONPLY stand absolutely uncompromising
on core values all through it. They believe in maintaining long-term relationship with customers and their core channel partners as it remains just the same, and grows even stronger.

At its core, NIPPONPLY promotes the idea of “VALUE FOR MONEY” by offering excellent quality, durability, strength, and norms in its products line. Amplifying practicality and Maximizing the advantages for the consumers by serving them in a contemporary and Innovative fashion has been their belief. They also continue with R&D efforts to add more value-based and innovative products to their portfolio.


In spite of being a marketing company they are enough experienced and equipped to assure good quality product offerings. According to them SOURCE, STRENGTH and STYLE are their guiding principal because they finding the right SOURCE to make right products that pump STRENGTH into furniture and make STYLE the core of evergreen interiors.

Since 1994 they are in this trade, so with their versatile experience they know which are the best raw material & production process for the respective products. They also focus on finished product’s USP which gives value for money to buyers at appropriate price and features of the products to make furniture long lasting. They are pioneer in their respective fields since decades in sourcing products from proficient & renowned manufacturers of India. Their units are located in the proximity to availability of best raw material & experienced labour. The company has its own set parameters for raw material, process & quality, which are religiously followed by respected manufacturers as well as at warehouses. Since inception the quality claims received by company is below 0.01% of sales.

Quality Parameters & Offerings

Nipponply is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with SE-3B CRISL rating. Some of the important norms which they follow for their products include the standard specified by the company under which they offer decorative face with higher thickness in their regular plywood/block board / flush door, which can be directly polished with staining in different shades like Walnut, Sapeli, Oak, Teak etc according to the designers choice.

At present Nipponply is focusing on to increase the volume of existing products and believes in providing the best quality at competitive prices.

Their product range is as below:


MR-BWR-BWP grade ply
MR-BWP grade
block board
Life Time Guarantee Ply
Calibrated Ply
Flexi Ply
Shuttering Ply

Veneers (8 x 4, 10 x 4)

Burma Teak Veneer
Decorative Veneer
Paper Veneer
Smoke Veneer
Highlighter Veneer

Flush Doors

MR-BWP Doors
Laminated Doors
Veneered Doors

Laminates (8 x 4, 10 x 4)

1 mm Texture Laminates
1 mm SF Laminates
0.92mm SF/Matte Laminates
0.72 SF/Matte Laminates

Their 4 mm decorative veneers are on Gurjan Platform with higher thickness (0.5mm+ - 1.0mm) decorative face. They offer more than 150 spices in decorative veneers. They also offer 20+ variants in Burma teak veneers with 0.3 mm-1 mm face thickness. Their decorative HPL are 1mm + thickness, with 100% Phenolic with imported design papers only. Nipponply also offers decorative laminates with veneer feel textures & style.

The target area

The company is offering all essential products which are must for interior decoration. These products capture 75-80% share of overall sale of retailer/gallery – who sell quality products to medium & high end consumers through interiors/ architects/contractor. They required a trustable brand with quality assuring products which are priced reasonably with ease of availability. Nipponply is targeting to serve such retailers/ galleries pan India in tier -1, tier 2, tier 3 cities/ town along with metro cites as a Hub. To feed material they are planning to have stockist (Business Partners) - serviceable territory wise who can give prompt service to clients of retailer/gallery (Business Associates).

Business model

The company’s overall objective is to increase net profit of all channel partners by reducing huge investments for stocks, infrastructure & working capital, as it consumes large part of gross profit. They will create network with low operating cost, which will increase their net profit with very minimum investment. According to their policy they focus more on prompt
supply of material to business partner (stockist) rather to dump the material into market as it blocks huge capital. They also support their business associates to focus only in sale with minimum /nil investment & infrastructure cost.

To achieve the set goals, the company is in process to establish digital network/system by which selection, information, stock, ordering, dispatch will be very smooth &fast, for the purpose Mr. Smit Thakkar is inducted in the company. According to Mr Smit Thakkar this systems will saves time,cost & infrastructure investment in channel. They are very active on social media platforms for digital marketing too. So in today situation where supply is more than demand, net margins are under stiff pressure, they expect new business model will be a
welcome by trade.

The product feature and promotion

Recently the company displayed their range of products in Ace Tech Mumbai 2018 at a beautiful stall design. Nipponply’s objective to participate in Acetech was to show case their product Range & quality of products to experience USPs with actual application of products and trend & also understand the need of interior/architects/trade/consumer. The company philosophy behind the unique parametric design pavilion was to showcase real application of products as the pavilion had been made from only Nippon ply’s Plywood /veneers/ laminates. All this products has been used in raw form to see, feel and understand the kind of raw material used. The strength, style, décor value and the unique applications of Nipponply products was memorising experience for every visitor.

For the first time in India, raw plywood with decorative face is used in the ceiling as well as on the flooring. Plywood with various polishes was displayed. Veneers were used in an open edge design to witness face thickness & platform of the product. All plywood used has been exposed to look &feel for face, core &panel. Likewise in the Laminates, thickness, sanding and its overall quality was clearly visible. The company also showcased Nipponply’s Decorative Veneered laminates which have a veneer like feel. It was the matter of discussion amongst all the visitors. All this was very highly appreciated by all visitors including Architects/ Interiors Designers/ Distributors/ Dealers/ Retailers.

This all was an extension of the company policy reflecting Transparency, Reliability and Value for Money. The company received over whelming response at Acetech exhibition. Being unique design booth, best Quality products, excellent execution & Technical Knowledge given. They witnessed humongous footfall which also included legendary Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Distributors, Dealers, Retailer from pan India. In recognition of same they received most prestigious award for the most “ICONIC BOOTH”.

Focus & future prospects

The company would be focussing on all the three core products which are essential for interior decoration. According to them per capita income in India is increasing and the rural market is also picking up the pace and thus there is a huge demand of quality oriented interior products supporting to the growth of this market. The company is willing to make sure to get a reasonable share of this market. Their target customers are Retailers/ Galleries who showcase quality interior products to the retail clients. Architects, Interior designers & Contractors are catalyst for their business through which will support their business partners to generate business. They also target OEM’s, Furniture manufacturers, Institutional buyers, Projects for bulk sale.

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