High Poplar Prices Pinch Plywood Producers

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The spiraling prices of Poplar timber have been disturbing the plywood manufacturing units in Northern India. The prices of Poplar are reported to firm up by 20 % in last two month and the increasing trend has been maintained every day. The plywood producers located in Northern India are re-calculating their input cost and have started asking new price for Block Boards, Doors and Full Poplar Plywood.

A Punjab based producer says to the Ply Reporter correspondent that he has to increase the prices to meet this high input cost otherwise the industry will face closure because they don’t much cushion to observe this increase cost of timber. With increasing timber prices, the chemical prices are also reported to going up, which is another burden on input cost of materials.

A Yamunanagar based Plywood producer says to the Ply Reporter that one side the Poplar prices are going up every day, similarly the weigh to timber are more in winter season due to high moisture thus there is an affect more than 20 % on timber prices in last one month and we have to increase prices up to 10 % to compensate this high input cost.

Reports from Yamunanagar confirm that they successfully increased the prices of Block Boards and Flush Doors, but they are struggling to increase the prices of plywood due to sluggish demand. A producer from Yamunanagar says that it is difficult to produce ‘Full Poplar Ply’ at present timber prices, and many producers are diverted to Alternate plywood.

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