Archidply Participates in Maheshwari Global Expo

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Archidply Industries Ltd participated at Maheshwari Global Expo (MGE 2019), a trade fair held from 4-7 January, 2019 at Polo Ground, Jodhpur. The company had a massive stall in the fair where they displayed their complete range of products from Decorative Laminates, Compacts, Clads, Plywood, Blockboards, Densified and Doors. It was a golden opportunity to participate in the first ever Maheshwari Global Expo 2019 for delegates of the Convention and the participants of the expo.

The objective of MGE was to facilitate growth of business and business opportunities amongst not only members of the community but also to fellow businessmen from all walks of the society. The Expo was targeted to act as a platform for providing tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs for displaying their products and services to a large set of enthusiasts and establishing business contacts for unlimited growth opportunities. The Maheshwari Global Expo succeeded in providing an international platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, professionals and government officials to come together to exchange ideas and knowledge for business growth. With business representation from a vast variety of businesses Archidply got endless opportunities for establishing business collaborations with exhibitors and representatives from manufacturing, agricultural, service industry as well as advisors to key policy makers and decision makers. The EXPO consisted of seminars & workshops, networking sessions, paper presentations and panel discussions on emerging trends as well as addressing the present scenario of business. Some of the top minds in international business were at the event to share invaluable insights in a live and highly interactive environment. Archidply also got a chance to facilitate B2B as well as B2C relations amongst participants. The venue hosted potential business visitors over a period of four days from all the sections of the society.

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