E3 Group Presents Glam Series, New Kind of Edge Bands

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E3 Group showcased a new kind of edge bands under GLAM Series which are exclusive in India. WPC Door frames were also one of the major highlights at E3 Group stall along with E3 masking tapes showcased in the exhibition.

Nowadays, the furniture has to fulfilled one very important aspect is matching edges with the main surface. There are unlimited designs and materials which are being used for making the furniture, out of which furniture made only from Paper Laminates has matching edge bands. "As E3 Group believes in inventing, GLAM EDGES will solve one of the major problems from which the furniture industry is currently suffering. It will also boost the sales of the product / panels where Glam edges will be used" said Mr. Jay Garg of E3 Group.

Mr Jay Garg added, "Delhi and other markets of North India are tremendously big. There is always a room for new products, new companies and for improving sales. Delhi is a hub from where most of North and Eastern India purchase the product. As most of our factories are located in North India, it gives us geographical advantage to give better service. From branding point of view, if you are famous in Delhi, you are famous everywhere" At present the market is growing at a very good speed since the emergence of edge band in small packing invented by E3 Group. The growth has attracted many new players in the form of Importers & Manufacturers. E3 has never blindly followed the markets trends. E3 always creates its own path. Instead of reducing the quality and selling at lower prices, E3 has improvised on quality, added many new designs and sizes with much more faster delivery. At present, E3 has maximum design for matching with Fabric Shade Laminates. E3 is also coming up with a new factory which will only make custom designs tailor made for customers.

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