Dyed Veneer Demand Picks up Faster Than Expected

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Decorative Veneer market is witnessing growing demand of Dyed Veneer range in India market. Retailers form different cities confirm the rise of dyed natural veneers lately. The premium grade houses and apartments are the key buyers of dyed natural veneer now, who were earlier hoping for smoked and metallic. Prior to this, the charm of metallic veneer was prominent since a year where as Dyed Veneer demand was limited to big bungalows only. Now with rise in offerings, range and little eased up affordability in dyed range is creating its acceptance to upper middle segments and mid segments too. The new colors and tones with feel of natural wood are very much experimented now a days by the interior designers. Retail counters believe that 'varieties with larger group numbers help them to offer better services, which is why they are finding Dyed Veneer range, more relevant and good looking.

During recent visit to Interzum, a representative of Italian Veneer supplying company Ligno Quattro shared his view on India market to the Ply Reporter and said that he is exporting good quantity of Dyed Veneer to India since last month. There is a surge in orders from Indian buyers, that too of various new varieties that were never asked from an Indian buyer before. He added that Price is a crucial factor though Indian manufacturers are now better prepared to accept and offer costlier materials which was not the case earlier. The supplier at interzum, Germany indicated that Indian market has started loving Dyed Veneer range, which is already an international trend in wood veneers.

Indian Decorative Veneer Producers say that they have lots of innovation opportunity in Dyed Veneers. The Interior Designers and Architects are fond of the new innovative colors with natural wood hence its sales have suddenly desired by all counter taking the dyed demand to double. According to estimates vaguely discussed with veneer supplier of the country, the Dyed natural market is crossing an average of 60, 000 sheets a month which was not even 5000 sheets a year ago. Mr Suresh Gala of Timex Veneer says that there is good demand of Dyed Veneer, and he has in - house manufacturing facility, hence we offer huge variety to Indian users. Many India veneer producers import Dyed range from Europe and China, where as 2 - 3 India producers have also in - house technology of Veneer Dying.

It is noted that Decorative veneer demand has been consistently growing year on year, although the market is flooding with variety of surface materials. Growing number of showrooms and retail dominance also have been driving the veneer demand in India.

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