Pine Board Offerings, Back in Market

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Since Poplar timber prices are now almost double in just one year, there is an agreement on views of growing scope of pine filled block boards now. During March and April, the effect of price increase in logs, pushed up filler prices by 50 percent hence forcing manufacturers to ask for an increase in poplar board prices. The Pine based Block Boards and Door manufacturers have become active to promote them as they were eagerly awaiting for this moment from last 3 - 4 years. The Port based plywood manufacturing units are beginning to feel that price gap between Pine based Boards and Doors and Poplar based boards and doors are narrowing, following which there sample and price list is visible now.

Reports from different block board markets indicate that there is an increased discussion and consideration for Pine block boards during April.

The Pine based boards and doors producers have been struggling due to cheap Poplar since year 2014 - 15. The price gap between poplar boards and pine boards were of Rs 15 to 20 so far, that restricted pine demand severely. At present situation the gap between good quality Poplar and Pine Boards has narrowed down to Rs 10 to 12, hence making it interesting for dealers.

The same situation is expected in doors category as well. Seeing scenario of Pine import to India, Kandla based timber importer / traders are of view that 'pine prices will not go up further, instead it is supposed to come down in coming months. There is huge supply from New Zealand and other countries that are ready to be shipped for export that will keep the pine prices stable.

The emerging possibility provide an opportunity for Pine Based board makers to increase their market reach as Pine based boards and doors are considered as high quality product compared to plantation timber. The Kandla based factories and pine board makers are already getting more enquiries for boards and doors, indicating more movement in coming months.

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