OEMS Thumbs-Up Wigwam Fabricate Plywood Because It Is Calibrated as Well as Value for Money

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Wigwam Fabricate is the product range from Punjab based Savitri Woods manufactured keeping in view of requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

All the layers of Fabricate Plywood are pre - composed and it also offers products which complies with E1 emission standards. Wigwam Fabricate can be Painted as well as Polished (Lacquer).

Apart from the standard thicknesses available in plywood, Fabricate is also available in every possible thickness i.e. 5 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm etc. Therefore, it offers optimum utilisation of resources to all its consumers.

Some OEMs which were only using imported Birch Plywood, have started using Wigwam Fabricate. This is a clear indication that Savitri Woods has introduced a plywood, which is in accordance with international standards. It is a real value for money product as it saves huge Forex, when compared by the OEMs those are completely dependent on imported plywood.

Savitri Woods has a state - of - the - art manufacturing plant & testing house with the latest and upgraded testing equipments, offering a peace of mind for all their OEM's.

Based in Hoshiarpur - the raw materials hub offers the company a steady supply and consistent quality. The Ply Reporter talked to some of the leading OEMs across the country those who are using Wigwam Fabricate plywood. Here is a brief synopsis of the discussion.

When we talk about OEM, its manufacturing set up is in such a way that a variation of even a fraction of a millimeter in panel thickness matters. If the variation is more than the excepted level, the drilling goes out and the product output is not as desired. For a quality OEM, perfection is a must, which can be obtained only with a quality calibrated plywood. WIGWAM FABRICATE's quality is very good as there is no gap in between the cores, the thickness is proper and the tolerance is less than 0.30 mm, which is perfectly fine. I personally feel that their offerings are good and perfect for OEMs like us. As an option to imported plywood, it gives better results in terms of consistency of products and delivery period. This saves us a lot in costs of inventory management and import - export paperwork for which we require separate department. Actually, they are using automation in their production process to make their products perfect for OEMs.

Mr. Deepak Kumar,
Manager, Iraj Evolution Design Co.
Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur

WIGWAM FABRICATE's offerings are such, that they do not require extra finishing during applications. Wigwam uses veneer on plywood, which gives us the advantage to polish it directly. We are involved in melamine polished furniture production for which Wigwam's plywood is perfect. It is a calibrated plywood with a veneer application on it, which reduces our cost of production for the required purposes. We are using their MR grade plywood and feel that the offerings are perfect for OEMs. We also see advantages in using WIGWAM FABRICATE in place of imported plywood due to a number of benefits like cost saving in inventory, consistent material supply and high - quality product offerings.

Mr. C. P. Sharma, Manager,
Jangid Brothers (P) Ltd., Udaipur

For a modular concept of furniture manufacturing, calibrated panel is a must. With calibrated panels, the customers' complaints are zero in terms of missmatch of panels at the time of application because of their fewer thickness variations. Secondly, at the time of edge banding, it gives a perfect finish without damaging the material. WIGWAM FABRICATE is a perfect calibrated plywood available at reasonable price in comparison with the imported ones. As this is a full core plywood, there are no bending issues with it. It is also perfect for post forming, as it has a smooth and uniform surface, which allows us to apply 0.6 mm laminate and obtain good results. In automation and working with programming on machines it runs smoothly, making it perfect for any OEM. WIGWAM FABRICATE is also beneficial if opted as an alternative to imported plywood due to its timely delivery and quality consistency. We have been using it for merely two months and have observed that there are no issues with it. If anyone wishes to be economical for decorative purpose in furniture manifesting, Wigwam Fabricate can be their choice as an alternative to Birch Plywood.

Mr. Saeed S Momin, Owner,
Starwood Industries, Kolhapur

The main benefit we feel is that being a veneer finish calibrated plywood, it gives us the benefit of executing the work very quickly. It also saves our cost as we do not need to apply veneer on it before polishing. Its calibration is also very good which give us perfection in making furniture. An OEM will also benefit from its calibration to achieve perfect results. We have not put it on automatic machines till date but I am sure it will definitely give perfect results as it has very less thickness variation. I hope in place of imported plywood, it will save huge in costs, time and inventory.

Mr. Rajesh Kothari,
Sunbeam Infratech, Pune

For an OEM calibrated plywood, it is a must to give better results and perfection in output. We have used three to four truckloads of WIGWAM FABRICATE in three months and have not received any complaints yet. As for the customer feedback regarding the usability, we will have to wait for at least six months because this is a newly introduced product in the market. At a considerably reasonable price, it's very good for furniture manufacturing using machines. With very few thickness variations, it is perfect for OEMs who have adopted automation. With WIGWAM FABRICATE, we are covering 90 % of our production with quality output. In terms of an alternative for imported plywood, it has resulted in a lot of savings at our end , in terms of cost, time and variation in inventory as there is no issue of delivery with WIGWAM. On the other hand, for imported plywood we had to wait for more 45 days to receive the consignment.

Mr. Dinesh Gandhi,
Sawdust Industries, Nagpur

Mostly calibrated plywood is used in modular furniture making if one wishes to work properly and obtain a unified finish without damaging the material. Before using WIGWAM FABRICATE, we were using imported plywood. As its quality is equivalent to the imported ones in terms of both calibration as well as construction with less than 0.2 mm variation in thickness, we have opted for WIGWAM as an alternative. It also gives us the advantage of saving time, cost and inventory with easy product availability and options for quality change. WIGWAM's supply is also good and it is on time. Wigwam Fabricate is quite a value for money product if we compare it to imported plywood.

Mr. Megesh Mistry, Creative Head,
Unimaple Modutech Pvt. Ltd., Surat

Calibrated panels are very much important for OEM as machines only accept thickness variations less than 0.5mm, which is advantageous for perfect edge banding and aesthetically it gives a seamless look to the furniture. WIGWAM FABRICATE is very good and perfect for any OEM, as it has less than 0.2 mm thickness variation. It provides smooth execution of work and also extends the life of the machines. We are using it for one month and find it perfect for us. Besides, it is economical than other calibrated plywood available in the market.

Mr. Rajesh Dhingra,
Techno Modular System,
Faridabad (NCR)

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