Matte in Focus for Merino After Gloss Meister

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Merino is coming up with another panel product on the lines of Gloss Meister. It may be called as Matte Meister. Gloss Meister was introduced in the market five years before and received a very good response. Despite being a bit costly in India market, the Gloss Meister has attracted 20 % sales growth this year according to Mr Mundra.

As per Mr. Govind Mundra, North Head, Merino, the Matte Meister’s base would be birch plywood as a substrate, where as ‘Gloss Meister’ was largely MDF based. Talking about the new solution, Mr Mundra said, “We are getting good response from the market in pre-launch study of the Matte panel as new product. We are using highly calibrated, imported birch ply, which is most solid product - best material which can be used as substrate for Matte Meister. This solution will also be available on MDF on later stage. Its matt finish is perfectly smooth,
which cannot be made on Indian plywood.”

According to Mr Govind, for Matt Meister, a very smooth surface is required. Imported birch Plywood is fully calibrated and its core composition is perfect without any thickness variation. It does not give un-evenness and looks very appealing and attractive. Although, it is processed with different coatings before putting gloss on it. Those, who manufacture high end kitchen using water proof plywood, Matte Meister can be perfect solution for them. It is also with antifungal, anti-finger property and anti-scratch advantage.’’ said Mr Govind Mundhra.

“We use PU coating for MATTE Meister that gives us an added advantage to maintain the flexibility and softness of the material, because when you cut it there would not be bitterness. Secondly, there would not by yellowing effect with time. If it is frosty white, it will be the same after years due to PU coating application in between the layers,” he concluded.

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