Greenpanel Industries Redefine Its Commitment to Innovation in the Wood Panelling and Surface Enhancement

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Greenpanel Industries Limited, the market leader in Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), has redefined its commitment to innovation in the wood panelling and surface enhancement. The brand continues to innovate and offer avant - garde products to the discerning customers which are manufactured in the state - of - the - art manufacturing facilities in Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh. It has been instrumental in revolutionising the wood panel industry with MDF against all odds. With a dominant market share, Greenpanel MDF offers limitless interior solutions and applications. The new Greenpanel MDF plant in Andhra Pradesh, which also happens to be the largest MDF plant in Asia, is spread across 200 acres and has a staggering annual production capacity of 3, 60, 000 CBM.

Greenpanel has successfully created the new generation Plywood, which is a product par excellence. Born out of the revolutionary Quadra - Pro - Technology and advanced machinery, every single piece of Plywood from Greenpanel is calibrated as it passes a 32 - step process.

Moreover, the multi-step calibration guarantees uniform thickness which makes the Plywood an ideal choice for the consumers.

Greenpanel Veneer offers an exclusive range of unique and exotic designs. Each veneer is assembled and designed to enhance its natural beauty. The veneer face is imported from Europe and Burma. Greenpanel Veneer is pre-finished and requires little carpentry work before polishing. It is suitable for use in interiors, including highhumidity areas.

Greenpanel Doors have high dimensional accuracy and stability, even in varying humidity. The core is made using Quadra - Pro - Technology and thicker glue. Greenpanel Doors can be customised. For example, different types of vision and louvers can be added. Provisions can be made for special locks and hinges.Groovings on surface of the door can be made as per specifications. Additional rails and stiles can also be added for long handle, tower bolt and door stopper. Greenpanel Doors are also available with decorative veneered surface in horizontal or vertical grain.

Greenpanel Wood Floors come with the Permaclick interlocking system, by virtue of which the floors are installed seamlessly providing them with unmatched quality and finish. Besides the floors are also equipped with Max - Shield - a unique scratch-resistant protection technology that shields it against wear and tear. Moreover, the floors are engineered with Sonic Sponge - an advanced technology that allows the sound-absorbent backing layer to reduce sound transmission and produce only a sound and pleasant sound.Greenpanel Wood Floors are just not beautiful; they are also versatile. The affordability and convenient installation make it an ideal choice for a variety of uses.

With an enviable product portfolio that encompasses MDF, Plywood, Veneers, Doors and Wood Floors and MDF production capacity that exceeds half a million cubic meter, Greenpanel Industries Limited is clearly positioned to be India's Largest Wood Panel Manufacturer.

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