Century Prowud awarded with earthworm Certification for sustainable mdf with safe emission level

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Century MDF PROWUD, a subsidiary of Century Ply Boards India, received the Earthworm Certification for identifying the volume of traceable and sustainable MDF with safe emission level. With this global organization, Century Prowud MDF has becomes the first Indian company who received such certification. It is must required by the supply chain of furniture manufacturers based in Europe. Team of Earthworm Foundation (EF), Part of European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), visited the Century's plant to assess its operation and supply chain including the traceable and sustainable MDF product to market. After various evaluations, assessment and visits based on different measurements, Century PROWUD has been given this prestigious certificate.

In engineered wood, Earthworm has a specificmembership-based program called the “Manmade wood(MMW)”. Century joined Earthworm as member in early2019. Earthworm approached to Century on behalf of oneof their member to identify the volume of traceable andsustainable MDF with safe emission level required by thesupply chain of furniture manufacturers based in Europe.

During the visits to Century plant, EF Team clearly observed that Century sources raw material from Farmers, Traders, Middle man (aadatiya), and Government depot with sustainable way. In the case of direct sourcing from farmers, the company has been maintaining its proper records required to demonstrate traceability. Several recommendations were given in each section of the plant to maintain complete traceability. EF has presented different requirements to maintain traceability to the Century team. Several visits of the EF team to assist and guide Century Prowud MDF for the Capacity building have taken place.

To understand the supply chain and scope of sustainability, EF team also done its field visit and consultation with farmers associated with Century. The farmers supplying raw material for dummy lot were visited to verify the traceability and legality of the supply chain.

To assess the responsible raw material sourcing through farmers, the Pilot run/ dummy run was also carried out by EF team in month of June. It was found by the team that Century had implemented some of the previously mentioned recommendations and was asked to implement others as well.

Supply chain mapping and identification of catchment region was also carried out and it was agreed upon that minimum 60, 000 saplings are to be monitored in one lot to cover 20, 000 trees in production of the sustainable and traceable lot by the company. Century provided a list of farmers involved directly in the supply chain.

EF, incorporated under the regulations of EUTR, creates practical solutions on environmental and social issues like deforestation, soil degradation, climate change and exploitation of people which affects farmers, communities, and businesses. EF operates directly on the ground where the issues are, working with members and partners to make value chains an engine of prosperity for communities and ecosystems.

Meanwhile, Illegal logging of timber in the internationalforest sector is a huge concern. To combat to such aconcern, European Union (EU) came up with “Forest LawEnforcement, Governance and Trade” (FLEGT) actionplan. As a part of FLEGT action plan, The European UnionTimber Regulation (EUTR) came into force on 3rd March2013 and European Union (EU) adopted this regulationto minimize the risk of illegally harvested timber in the European market. This regulation Affects businesses ofall types that deal in timber or timber based products in any of the EU Member states.

As per EUTR regulations traders need to track their timber supply chain that whom they buy from and sell. Records need to be maintained for 5 years. The Products covered under EUTR are; Medium Density fiber Boards and HDF, Plywood and Laminated Board, Particle boards, Sawn of chipped wood, Processed wood, Densified wood, Rough Wood, Veneers, Wafer Boards, Flooring panels, shingles etc, Pulp and paper and Packaging boxes.

In India, Century Prowud MDF is the first company, which provides traceable and sustainable MDF product to market at this moment, however export oriented furniture producers are dependent on imported MDF with such certification.

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