Despite Slowdown Film Face Ply Performs Better Than Plywood

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Despite slowdown pinch, film face plywood demand is reportedly witnessing a steady consumption by infrastructure and building construction sector. The Ply Reporter market visits indeed measure a struggle in general-purpose plywood demand but film face shuttering plywood reports a better flow of materials. Consumption in Film faced Shuttering plywood manufacturing is also supported by desperation among various builders to complete their building sites in a designated time period to avoid punishments and penalties. There has been good demand in office and leasing spaces construction in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai-CBD, Pune and Bangalore, UP, Ahmedabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh due to progress in co-working spaces and warehousing sector that has helped in sustained demand for shuttering plywood.

The government-led infrastructure and Public service buildings have also been driving film face shuttering and LVL demand. The contracting companies agree that a lot of work from government contracts are helping the sustained demand for cement, steel and related products. The material flow is also witnessing a rise in movements due to entry of new and expansion in existing plywood lately. In the last 3 years, a consistent and regular demand of shuttering plywood has attracted many plywood manufacturers to venture in this product. Last year, there was a spark in new installations thanks to new units in UP, Bihar, Southern region and even in Haryana.

In present times, there are around 300 plants who are manufacturing film face plywood across the country in varying density and film color. On many of the places, organized contractors and builders have opted to choose metal formwork systems yet the retail demand from smaller cities have supported the product growth in India. The known and quality fame brands in Film face category like SRG, Magnus, Premium, Alliance, Prince, Gati, Avian, Bhutantuff, BlackCobra, Kanchan, Unik, Duna, Golden, Russian Tuff, Northern etc have performed well in last one year whereas many of the general-purpose plywood depending factories have noted a contraction. The general plywood sales are reported to be trailing because of intense weak sentiments and continued dullness in residential property and housing sector.

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